ASICS GEL-KAYANO 31 Elevates Stability and Comfort


ASICS today announces the launch of the GEL-KAYANO™ 31. The latest in what has long been one of ASICS’ most popular running shoes series. The updated design promises not just the tried-and-true stability but a new sense of comfort that could redefine your running experience.

Asics GEL-KAYANO™ 31

Building on the innovative approach seen in its predecessor, the GEL-KAYANO™ 30, the new model aims to help runners of all levels achieve more. The GEL-KAYANO™ 31 integrates advanced design elements to ensure each step feels cushioned and stable, providing a harmonious experience for both the body and mind.

Enhanced Fit and Ventilation

Asics GEL-KAYANO™ 31
Asics GEL-KAYANO™ 31

One of the standout features of the GEL-KAYANO™ 31 is its asymmetrical medial design upper, meticulously refurbished to offer a supportive fit. This thoughtful redesign includes a mesh upper that enhances ventilation, ensuring that your feet remain cool and comfortable over longer distances. The improved flexibility of the upper material guarantees maximum comfort with every stride, making it an ideal choice for long-distance runners.

Superior Traction and Shock Absorption

Asics GEL-KAYANO™ 31

ASICS has also paid close attention to the shoe’s outsole, incorporating a HYBRID ASICSGRIP™ rubber material that provides superior traction throughout your run. This innovation in the outsole not only contributes to the shoe’s stability but also enhances its durability, making it a reliable companion on varied terrains. The inclusion of PureGEL™ technology is another leap forward, delivering improved shock absorption and smoother transitions, adding an extra layer of protection and comfort.


The GEL-KAYANO™ 31 continues to benefit from the unique 4D GUIDANCE SYSTEM™, a feature that has been honed through rigorous user testing and research. This system works in harmony with the body’s natural movements to offer adaptive stability and comfort, ensuring that the shoe ‘cuddles up’ to the runner precisely when it is needed most. This innovation is central to the shoe’s design philosophy, which emphasizes continuous small improvements to create the best possible product for both body and mind.

Commitment to Sustainability

In line with ASICS’ commitment to sustainability, the GEL-KAYANO™ 31 proudly displays its CO2 emissions—printed on its insole as 10.6kg per pair. This transparency allows runners to make informed choices, knowing the environmental impact of their footwear. This initiative underscores ASICS’ dedication to reducing its carbon footprint while delivering high-quality products.

A Word from ASICS

Junichiro Tateishi, General Manager of Product Function Research Department at ASICS, expressed his excitement about the new release: “We believe the GEL-KAYANO™ 31 shoe not only provides the stability the shoe is famous for but also delivers a truly impressive level of comfort to help runners go further. We are also proud that the GEL-KAYANO™ 31 shoe continues to display its CO2 emissions, so runners can feel confident about their choices.”

He added, “The GEL-KAYANO™ is a legendary running shoe for a reason, and we’re excited to see how fans of the series enjoy this added comfort. We hope that it helps everyone feel comfortable, confident, and uplifted.”

Get Your Pair Today

The GEL-KAYANO™ 31 shoe will be available for both men and women from ASICS retail, online stores, and specialist running outlets in Malaysia starting June 13th, 2024, priced at RM 729.00.

To discover more about the GEL-KAYANO™ 31 shoe and explore the latest in running technology, visit asics website.

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