Escape to Coach Play Ipoh For The Weekend

Coach Ipoh

After debuting Coach Play Singapore Shophouse last year, Coach extends its reach into Malaysia with Coach Play Ipoh. Nestled in Silverlakes Village Outlet, Perak, about a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, the new pop-up enhances the brand’s commitment to crafting immersive, interactive retail experiences that ignite the senses.

A Scenic Setting Inspired by the Adirondacks

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Credit IG: @coachmalaysia

The pop-up store spans 2,516 square feet and offers a scenic lakeside view. It evokes the atmosphere of the Adirondacks, an iconic upstate New York destination. The shop captures the imaginative landscape of Summer camp. It invites customers into a world that embodies Coach’s playful spirit and sense of community.

Step into the store and immediately recognize how the American fashion house incorporates bright hues and rich textures to curate an engaging, hands-on retail experience. The space translates Coach’s signature visual style, craftsmanship, and New York streetwear influence into architectural elements that subtly honour Ipoh’s natural landscape.

Artisanal Details and Rich Textures

Guests will encounter bespoke 3D leather installations and whimsical shearling squirrels throughout the store. Fixture designs showcase intricate leather stitchwork and piping, blending seamlessly with a warm colour palette reminiscent of New York City’s golden hour. The inviting ambience is complemented by a diverse array of offerings, from ready-to-wear to leather goods and accessories, all designed to empower and express your authentic self.

The Coach Coffee Shop: A First in Malaysia

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One of the highlights of Coach Play Ipoh is the Coach Coffee Shop, a first in Malaysia. Here, you can enjoy coffee, tea, and Coach’s signature hot chocolate, along with classic American treats like soft serve in peanut butter & jelly and apple pie flavours. The experience is elevated with limited-edition Coach Coffee Shop pieces such as The Coach Coffee Shop canvas tote bag, water bottle, and t-shirt, perfect for mementoes.

Outdoor Fun and Games

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Credit IG: @streetsense

Outside the store, indulge in games like cornhole, table tennis, and bocce ball. Seating abounds, with a vintage car as a photo op and a campfire pit. Engage in the Coach Play Ipoh digital game, hunt for essentials, and earn exclusive commemorative stickers.

Plan Your Visit

Nonetheless, Coach Play Ipoh at Silverlakes Village Outlet is not just a store; it’s a destination designed to offer a unique blend of fashion, fun, and scenic beauty. Coach Play Ipoh promises locals and travellers a memorable adventure celebrating style and community.


Coach Play Ipoh @ Silverlakes Village Outlet
No 1, Persiaran Silverlakes, Silverlakes Village Outlet, 31000, Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

10AM – 10PM (Monday to Sunday)

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