Taylor’s Fashion Stars Shine Bright on the Runway in Bangkok and KL


Taylor’s University’s fashion students wowed at Thailand Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2024 (TFW SS24). Making their debut, they presented 24 avant-garde looks, leaving a lasting mark on Southeast Asian fashion. The event showcased graduates and affirmed the program’s global commitment since 2020.

From left Mutiara Dina Sabrina, Liu Peiyi, Steffi and Lee Sharon

International Debut: A Fashion Odyssey at TFW SS24

In the bustling arena of Thailand Fashion Week, Taylor’s University’s fashion proteges entered the international stage with flair and innovation. The Gen-Next segment featured their creations, drawing inspiration from diverse cultural influences. Students’ creative brilliance shone in their international debut, echoing the university’s commitment to fostering future fashion leaders.

Maria Sandra Wijaya
Maria Sandra Wijaya, Programme Director of Taylor’s University

Maria Sandra Wijaya, Programme Director of Taylor’s University’s Bachelor of Fashion Design Technology, emphasized the significance of this milestone, saying, “Our students’ talents were not just on display; it was a statement. Taylor’s University is committed to shaping fashion leaders who can engage globally, and this marks a pivotal moment in their burgeoning careers.”

Homecoming Elegance: Pavilion KL’s Christmas Showcase

Returning triumphant from TFW SS24, the students added a local touch of glamour to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s Christmas Showcase. The heart of Kuala Lumpur witnessed a spectacle of 24 colourful, textured, and eye-catching designs, a culmination of 6 semesters of pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion.

Steffi, a 21-year-old student from Taylor’s Bachelor of Fashion Design Technology, expressed the sentiment of the students, “Showcasing our commitment to versatility, diversity, and inclusivity at both TFW SS24 and Pavilion KL’s Christmas Showcase is a dream come true. The journey has been incredible, fueled by the guidance and support from our mentors at Taylor’s University. This experience has opened doors to endless possibilities, resonating with both international and local audiences.”

Milestones Marked: TFW SS24 and Pavilion KL’s Christmas Showcase

Maverick” by Steffi
“Silent Killer” by Lee Sharon
“Embrace” by Mutiara Dina Sabrina Binti Dzulhafidz
“Xun Pu” by Liu Peiyi

TFW SS24 dazzled on November 29-30, followed by Pavilion KL’s Christmas Showcase on December 3. Students showcased groundbreaking designs, seamlessly blending tradition and innovation.

Taylor’s University pioneered Malaysian fashion education, offering the first Fashion Design Technology degree. Graduates, armed with a solid design foundation and extensive fashion tech knowledge, thrived in the dynamic industry.

For more information on Taylor’s University’s Fashion Design Technology programme, please visit the link here.

Text by Joe Jerimi

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