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ASICS’ METASPEED™ Series: Blending Cutting-Edge Tech with Runner-Centric Design

ASICS, a frontrunner in the athletic footwear industry, proudly introduces two groundbreaking additions to its METASPEED™ Series – the METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS. These avant-garde shoes are a testament to ASICS’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology for elite runners aiming for personal bests.



In 2021, ASICS raised the bar in the industry by introducing two racing shoes, METASPEED™ SKY and METASPEED™ EDGE. These two were specifically designed to accommodate different running styles. Known as “C-Project,” this innovative approach focused on the individual dynamics of runners, acknowledging the diversity in their gaits.

ASICS identified two primary running styles – STRIDE and CADENCE. STRIDE runners have a long, loping gait, emphasizing extended stride length, while CADENCE runners opt for smaller, quicker steps. The METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS are meticulously crafted to complement these distinct running styles. This ensures an optimal posture and foot strike angle even as runners fatigue.

Evolutionary Upgrades of the ASICS’ METASPEED™ Series

The METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS mark a significant evolution from their predecessors in three key aspects. Both shoes have shed approximately 22g, offering runners a weightless and agile feel on race day. This weight reduction is attributed to the new MOTION WRAP™ UPPER 2.0, enhancing breathability by around 8%, and the introduction of FF TURBO PLUS midsole foam.

The FF TURBO PLUS midsole foam, besides being lighter, is softer and more responsive, providing enhanced cushioning. This ensures support for longer distances during both training and competition, allowing athletes to preserve energy for crucial moments.

Carbon Plate Innovations

In the METASPEED™ SKY PARIS, the full-length carbon plate in the forefoot region has been widened strategically to amplify bounce during toe-off. This adjustment caters specifically to STRIDE runners. Meanwhile, the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS features an optimized carbon plate position for CADENCE runners, designed for a more efficient toe-off and reduced weight. The forefoot construction incorporates a new last, offering improved arch support and a stable platform for quick runs.

ASICS Design Philosophy in Action

ASICS’ exclusive design philosophy anchors in a commitment to producing top-notch products and cutting-edge technologies. This has been pivotal in shaping these cutting-edge footwear. This commitment is rigorously verified by the ASICS Institute of Sport Science and endorsed by elite athletes affiliated with ASICS.

Vincent Kipkemoi Ngeitch, who secured the second position in the 2023 Berlin Marathon, acknowledges the transformation of the METASPEED SKY PARIS, expressing assurance in setting a new personal record.

Hariz Hamdan, ASICS Malaysia’s brand ambassador, highlights the perfect balance of lightweight cushioning and stability in the METASPEED EDGE PARIS. He notes its comforting and powerful feel, especially during the crucial moments at the end of races.

Project Leader’s Vision

Shuhei Takemura, project leader of the METASPEED series product development at ASICS, emphasizes the significance of 2024 in the sport of running. He expresses pride in unveiling the METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS, emphasizing the meticulous work invested in collaboration with experts and athletes worldwide.

Get a Pair Now

The METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS will be available for both men and women from ASICS retail and online stores starting March 4, 2024, at RM1,029. For more information, please click here.

As ASICS sets the stage for the 2024 running season, the METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS emerge as the pinnacle in racing shoes. Melding advanced technology with runner-centric design, ASICS continues to empower athletes to achieve personal bests and triumphs on the track.

By Nur Maisarah Putri

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