Top 8 Restaurants to Try at The Exchange, TRX

Nestled in the heart of the city, The Exchange TRX features five dining districts and over 100 dining options. Whether you’re seeking the cosy ambience of a café, the refined elegance of an upscale restaurant, or the vibrant atmosphere of a trendy spot for quick bites, our guide invites you to embark on a diverse culinary adventure that caters to every palate.’s Dining Guide

1. Amazonas, The Exchange TRX

Sharing is at the heart of a satisfying meal. Amazonas showcases diverse Latin American cuisine, offering a dining experience inspired by the vibrant culture of Latin America. Imagine sharing plates, vibrant music, themed cocktails, private rooms, and a wide array of Latin American spirits—pisco, mezcal, tequila, rum.

Address: PL09 & L04.03, Park Level

2. Fong Lye Tea House

Your seat awaits at Fong Lye—indulge in the essence of Taiwanese and Malaysian cuisine. Fong Lye combines Taiwanese classics with Malaysian favourites, featuring a Lite Bowl menu of 13 best-sellers including mains, soup, and sides.

Address: Lot C-38.0, Concourse Level, Plaza The Exchange TRX

3. G’rai

For those who enjoy Asian and Western food, G’rai perfectly captures the essence of traditional Malaysian Food. Offering everyday Malaysian favourites. The must- try Asian dishes are Nasi lemak, Kerabu Bee Hoon, Char Kuey Teow, Mee Tarik, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Oyster Omellete and Laksa. For those who feel like Western food, we recommend the Country Style Striploin Steak, Bolognaise Chicken Chop and Continental Breakfast. View the full menu here.

Address: Lot No. L2.54.0 Level 2

4. Warung Eropa

Warung Eropa was established in Bali in 2004 and we’re super excited to have our favourite Indonesian restaurant at TRX. Warung Eropa offers Indonesian cuisine with a touch of Western flavours. Their must-try dish is their Crispy Duck, served with rice, vegetables and three types of sambal.

Address: Level 2, Dinner Terrace

5. VCR Stacks

Homemade sourdough and freshly roasted coffee beans are at the heart of the dining experience at VCR Stacks. This Mont Kiara sandwich specialist has now expanded to The Exchange TRX, bringing its renowned coffee and artisanal sandwiches, including favorites like the egg sandwich and the banh mi, to a new location.

Address: Lot L2.52.0, The Exchange TRX, Persiaran TRX

6. Kanbe Ramen

Steeped in tradition, Kanbe Ramen offers visitors of The Exchange TRX an authentic Japanese dining experience. Each of their seven broth options is intensely velvety, with pork bones used as their foundations. There is no limit to each portion’s customisation, from broth strength to noodle chewiness.

Address: PL.08.0 Park Level, The Exchange TRX

7. Shake Shack

Established in 2004 in New York City’s Madison Square Park, Shake Shack has since grown to a whopping 470+ locations worldwide, including over 165 international locations in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and more. Making its debut here in Malaysia at The Exchange TRX, its menu will not only include the quintessential Shake Shack offerings such as its ever-popular ShackBurger, Chicken Shack, ‘Shroom Burger, Crinkle-Cut Fries, Shakes, and more, but it will also see Malaysia-exclusive items like the Bunga Raya Shake. View their full menu here.

Address: Park PL.11.0, The Exchange TRX

8. All About Chew

All About Chew was born from its founder’s vision to satisfy a craving for chewy chocolate chip cookies in the Malaysian market. After launching its first outlet at The Five, Damansara, the beloved cookie spot has now opened a second location at The Exchange TRX. In addition to their signature cookies, they now tantalize taste buds with ice cream blizzards made from handcrafted gelato.

Address: Lot C.OS.03, Level Concourse, The Exchange TRX

Explore a Culinary Wonderland

The Exchange TRX is a haven for food enthusiasts, offering a unique variety of dining experiences. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the choice of restaurants here are sure to make you keep coming back. Savour the best that TRX has to offer and make your next meal an unforgettable one.

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