5 Best Beauty Buys At Watsons


As Malaysia’s leading health and beauty retailer, Watsons continues to cater to the diverse needs of Malaysians with more than 550 stores nationwide. Watsons not only offers an extensive range of health, wellness, and beauty products but also provides personalized advice to help customers look good, do good, and feel great every day.

Let’s explore some of the must-try brands and products available at Watsons.


Cetaphil is renowned for its gentle yet effective skincare products, backed by scientific research and clinical studies. Dermatologists worldwide recommend Cetaphil for sensitive skin, making it a staple in many skincare routines. The Cetaphil Hydrating Foaming Cleanser, priced at RM58, offers a refreshing cleanse. You can enjoy an instant rebate of RM15 off if purchased online, or get it for RM46.84 with a Watsons membership.

Editor’s Review

As someone who has been struggling with acne and dry skin, I fell in love with Cetaphil’s formulation. Besides the foaming cleanser, the Gentle Skin Cleanser offers a different experience. Since I was a firm believer that “The foamier the cleanser, the better it’ll work on my face,” the Gentle Skin Cleanser proved otherwise. The formulation of the cleanser leaves no residue or tightness on the skin after washing, which I truly love and recommend.


Inspired by the latest fashion trends, Y.O.U products enhance the modern woman’s style and personality. Their Sunbrella Triple UV Elixir Sunscreen is perfect for daily protection. Enjoy a 9% discount when purchasing online or get it for RM3.29 less with a Watsons membership. Y.O.U encourages women to embrace their beauty and explore new possibilities with their innovative products.

Editor’s Review

I recently purchased this sunscreen because my previous one clogged my pores. I discovered this brand at KL International Beauty Week 2023 and learned about their skincare line. It is too early for me to comment on the effectiveness it has on my skin, but I like that it does not leave any white cast. It’s also lightweight and does not make my skin feel sticky.


DermaAngel’s mission is to reveal your true beauty through healthy, glowing skin. Using dermatologically tested ingredients, DermaAngel products protect and restores your skin from daily stressors. Their Acne Patch Day & Night 6+12’s, recommended for reducing blemishes, are available with a 9% discount online and for RM13.85 with a Watsons membership.

Editor’s Review

DermaAngel is my favourite and affordable acne patch! It works so well with my skin that I keep repurchasing it. I have a habit of popping my pimples, and this acne patch helps me reduce that habit. Not only does it help control my habits, but the effectiveness of the acne patch also shows overnight (for small acne). I highly recommend this one!


Wardah’s Colorfit Perfect Glow Cushion has taken TikTok by storm, praised for its high coverage and glowy finish. This cushion foundation covers black spots and acne scars effortlessly, with a glowing effect lasting up to 12 hours. Formulated with SPF 33 PA++, it also provides essential sun protection. Normally priced at RM49.90, you can get it at 40% off online.

5.Naturals By Watsons

Naturals by Watsons offers products made with over 90% natural origin ingredients and 100% vegan formulas. Their Cherry Blossom Body Lotion, available with a 39% discount online, epitomizes their commitment to natural beauty and environmental care. The brand’s products are free from harsh ingredients, dermatologically tested, and packaged with recycled materials.

Shop Smart

Watsons Members earn points for every RM1 spent, which can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. This loyalty program, combined with its wide range of high-quality products, makes Watsons a top choice for beauty enthusiasts in Malaysia. You can also keep up with the latest discounts on their social media.

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