A Royal Affirmation: Sultan Ibrahim Takes the Oath as the Nation’s 17th Monarch

sultan ibrahim 17th monarch

In a regal ceremony marking history, Sultan Ibrahim of Johor is set to swear in as Malaysia’s 17th Yang di-Pertuan Agong for a remarkable five-year term. This grand swear-in ceremony will confirm Sultan Ibrahim as the Nation’s 17th monarch.

The Swearing-In Ceremony: A Royal Affair at Istana Negara

The grandeur unfolds at the Balairung Seri in Istana Negara. Sultan Ibrahim will take the oath, joined by Sultan Perak, Sultan Nazrin Shah, who assumes the role of Deputy Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Amidst royal dignitaries and esteemed guests, Sultan Ibrahim will sign the Declaration of Office. The contents eloquently presented by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. In the presence of royal figures, Sultan Ibrahim’s oath-signing will be a moment of regal significance.

Departure from Johor: A Majestic Journey Begins

Commencing his day at Istana Bukit Serene, Johor, Sultan Ibrahim departs for the capital at 7:45 AM. The departure ceremony at the Royal Air Force Base in Senai International Airport precedes his journey to Istana Negara for the oath ceremony. The Departure Arrival Ceremony marks the initiation of Sultan Ibrahim’s term as the 17th Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Sultan Ibrahim 17th Monarch

Historical Inauguration: Sultan Ibrahim Assumes the Throne

Selected during the 263rd Council of Rulers meeting last October, Sultan Ibrahim takes the reins. He succeeds Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah, the 16th Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Sultan Nazrin Shah assumes the role of Deputy Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Sultan Ibrahim, born on November 22, 1958, ascended as Sultan Johor in 2010 after the passing of Sultan Iskandar.

Inaugural Moments: A Recap of Sultan Ibrahim’s Royal Journey

Sultan Ibrahim’s royal journey began with his proclamation as Sultan Johor on January 23, 2010, after the demise of Sultan Iskandar. His coronation followed on March 23, 2015. As Sultan Ibrahim takes the oath, his journey from Sultan Johor to the 17th Yang di-Pertuan Agong is celebrated.

Watch the grand swear-in live ceremony here.