Adriana Ghafar Debuts New Poetry Book

Adriana Ghafar's

The launch of “Everything In Between” marks a significant milestone in her multifaceted career.

Adriana Ghafar

Adriana Ghafar is a rising Malaysian personality who gained public attention as the first runner-up in the 2019 Dewi Remaja competition.

Adriana Ghafar

This success catapulted her into the entertainment world. She has excelled as an emcee, model, actress and news anchor. Currently, she is pursuing her legal career as a chambering student. Adriana is passionate about women’s rights and empowerment as she actively supports initiatives like dearHer and WOMEN. Her debut poetry collection, Everything In Between is a testament to her dedication to inspiring young adults and women through her poetry.

Poetry for All: The Vision of Adriana Ghafar

Adriana Ghafar is making waves with her debut collection. Her much-anticipated book launched took place at The Grey Box Kuala Lumpur last weekend. Adriana has set a clear vision to democratize poetry and make it accessible and relatable to everyone.

Adriana Ghafar
Adriana Ghafar signed the mockup book of “Everything In Between”.

“Poetry is not just for the elite or the academic circle; it belongs to everyone,” Adriana emphasized in her heartfelt speech. “My poetry aims to reach people from all walks of life, to speak to their hearts and to remind them that their stories and emotions are valid and worth sharing.”

Adriana Ghafar

The event was a vibrant celebration of poetry, featuring readings of selected poems by Adriana herself.

The evening also showcased the unveiling of three limited-edition book covers, each depicting different elements that tell a unique story.

Adriana Ghafar's
1st Edition
Adriana Ghafar's
2nd Edition
Adriana Ghafar's
3rd Edition

“Everything In Between” is available in three limited-edition book covers, priced at RM48. You can purchase the book at AD The Buku’s official website.

Themes of Love, Family, and Resilience

Everything In Between is a rich tapestry of Malay and English poems which has been carefully curated over 12 years. It explores universal themes such as love, family, rejection, and resilience. Tailored for women and young adults, the collection carries a resounding message for those seeking solace, inspiration, and strength in the face of life’s challenges. Adriana’s work is not just poetry; it is a powerful voice for gender equality and female empowerment.

“I’ve always believed in the power of words to heal, inspire, and bring us together. This collection mirrors my personal journey—often not a straight, easy path but filled with complexities and intricacies,” Adriana shared. “I am overwhelmed by the positive response and hope that my poetry resonates with readers, encouraging them to find beauty in their own experiences.”

Empowering Women through Partnership with Women Of Will

A significant highlight from the event was Adriana’s partnership with Women Of Will (WOW), a Non-Profit Non-Governmental Organisation dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs in low-income communities. Adriana committed an initial contribution of RM10,000 to WOW, underscoring her dedication to using her platform for positive social impact.

Adriana Ghafar
Adriana donates RM10,000 to Women Of Will, presenting the cheque to Ms. Alyssa Haniff the Development & Communications Manager.

“I hope my book ignites passion, especially among the marginalized for poetry as a medium of self-expression. To find their voice, gain empowerment and express their experiences” Adriana remarked. “The partnership with WOW is one close to my heart as it aligns with my mission to empower and uplift women through poetry”. Providing them with the support they need to tell their stories and create impactful change in their communities.”

Lakshwin Muruga, WOW Executive Director also expressed his excitement about the collaboration. Together, we aim to support women in transforming their lives while also supporting their families and communities.”

A Call for Empowerment and Social Justice

It is more than just poems—it’s a call for social justice, empowerment and a celebration of the human spirit. Through her powerful and emotive poetry, Adriana invites readers to embrace their inner strength and beliefs. Urging her readers to find solace, inspiration and beauty in their own experiences.

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