Irresistible Charm: Bonia’s Latest Timepieces


Bonia, originating in Malaysia, is a renowned luxury fashion brand with global recognition. Specializing in crafting high-end products like watches, footwear, leather goods, and accessories, Bonia has become esteemed and treasured by discerning customers worldwide.

Are you on a perpetual quest for the perfect accessory that effortlessly elevates your day-to-night look? Well, the search is officially over with the captivating Bonia BNB10812 series! This collection is the ultimate fusion of luxury and whimsy, ensuring that your wrist dazzles with timeless elegance and just the right sprinkle of playfulness.

Designed with comfort, grace, and enduring appeal in mind, these watches are more than just timepieces—they’re statements that add a dash of fun to your sophisticated style.

Bonia Timepieces, priced at RM698, are available at Bonia Timepieces boutiques, Solar Time retail shops,, and select fine watch retailers across the Malaysia.

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