Daring Designs Unleashed: Eric Raisina’s Couture Extravaganza at The Slate Phuket

Phuket Eric

Embark on a sartorial journey with acclaimed textile maestro Eric Raisina as his haute couture creations grace The Slate Phuket in a four-month pop-up. Get ready to be mesmerized by a fusion of African and Asian influences that redefine fashion innovation.

Eric Raisina: Fashion Show at Dirty Monsterra

Mark your calendars for the ultimate fashion soirée on December 25th at Dirty Monsterra. The unveiling promises an avant-garde spectacle, showcasing Eric Raisina’s New Young Talent-winning designs from the Fashion Festival and Textile Competition. The runway awaits, adorned with daring creations that echo the intersection of tradition and modernity.

Madagascar to Cambodia: Eric Raisina’s Artistic Odyssey

Explore the rich tapestry of Eric Raisina’s artistic journey, from his roots in Madagascar to his current creative haven in Cambodia. Drawing inspiration from Khmer artisanal silk weaving traditions, Raisina weaves a narrative that celebrates colours, textures, and the spirit of his adopted home. Immerse yourself in the fusion of African heritage and Khmer vibrancy that defines his unique aesthetic.

Sustainable Couture: Eric Raisina’s Environmental Stewardship

Step into a world where haute couture meets eco-consciousness. Eric Raisina’s commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with The Slate Phuket’s dedication to environmental protection. Discover how his creations intertwine opulence with ethical practices, incorporating sustainable materials that redefine the future of high fashion.

The Slate Phuket: Where Hospitality Meets Haute Couture

Phuket Eric

Experience the intersection of luxury hospitality and cutting-edge fashion at The Slate Phuket. Owner Krystal Prakaikaew Na-Ranong invites guests into a realm where creativity knows no bounds. The collaboration with Eric Raisina is a testament to The Slate’s commitment to spotlighting exceptional talents across art, gastronomy, and fashion.

The Exhibit: Eric Raisina’s Masterpieces Until April 2024

Dive into a visual feast as Eric Raisina’s masterpieces grace The Slate Phuket until April 2024. Immerse yourself in the world of haute couture at this exclusive exhibit, where each piece tells a story of cultural fusion and artistic brilliance. Don’t miss the chance to witness a collision of worlds through the lens of a true couturier.

Text by Joe Jerimi

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