Un Air de Chaumet, A High Jewellery Collection

Un air de Chaumet

In a rhythmic dance between earth and sky, Chaumet’s Un Air de Chaumet intricately weaves a tale of nature’s grace. Spanning over 240 years, it unfolds a narrative of sophistication and savoir-faire. Crafting sophistication and savoir-faire, the collection depicts bird elegance, adorning the face, hair, and bodice with unique narrative charm.

A Melody of Creativity

Named in a poetic play on words, Un Air de Chaumet is a virtuoso display of the Maison’s celebrated innovative originality. Expressing the sophistication and craftsmanship associated with Chaumet’s High Jewellery, each piece illuminates the purity of artisans’ work, embodying the seamless movement between earth and sky.

Un Air de Chaumet: A Historical Affinity with Birds

Founded by Marie-Étienne Nitot, appointed “official jeweller to the Empress” by Joséphine, Chaumet has long shared a fascination with birds. From Jules Fossin’s studies to Joseph Chaumet’s realism, the winged world has been an enduring theme. Un Air de Chaumet pays homage to this legacy, offering a contemporary interpretation of avian beauty.

Four Movements, One Spectacle

Conceived in four movements, Un Air de Chaumet unfolds the mesmerizing magic of a bird’s flight. From the plumes d’or to the ethereal ballet and the captivating parade, each piece represents a poetic chapter in the collection’s narrative.

Plumes D’or

Honouring the Maison’s virtuosity in gold, the Plumes D’or parure rethinks the signature Chaumet tiara. Transformable into a panache, this piece, featuring brushed rose gold feathers and diamond-set white gold, is a testament to contemporary femininity.


Un Air de Chaumet
Un Air de Chaumet

Portraying the aerial ballet of swallows, the Ballet movement features earrings and a hair ornament with nine birds illuminating hair with diamond plumage. The fluidity of stone setting and delicate cut-down setting showcases the virtuosity of Chaumet’s jewellers.


Captured in shimmering momentum, the Parade movement introduces the bird of paradise in an asymmetrical brooch and earrings. Chaumet’s boldness and movement emphasize the modernity of the effect, creating a spectacular yet elegant piece of jewellery.


Un Air de Chaumet

The Envol parure suggests flapping wings softly brushing hair or ears. With an airy structure and white gold plumage, this movement embodies ascension, creating a sense of movement in asymmetrical earrings embellished with pear-shaped diamonds.

For the full collection visit Chaumet online or visit their store at The Exchange, TRX.

Written by Joe Jerimi

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