DIRI Launches Affordable Courses for Lifelong Personal Development


Empowering Personal Development: Lifelong Learning Courses for Everyone by DIRI

In a groundbreaking move in the Malaysian edutainment sector, DIRI has launched a transformative initiative. This initiative involves the introduction of course purchases specifically tailored for personal learning and development. This marks a significant leap forward in DIRI’s mission to redefine Malaysia’s educational landscape, making top-notch education accessible for those pursuing personal and professional growth.

DIRI: Blending Education with Entertainment

DIRI’s approach to learning sets it apart by seamlessly blending education with entertainment. This innovative platform enthrals learners through captivating content featuring some of Malaysia’s foremost experts. This includes luminaries such as Tan Sri Dato’ Sri. Tony Fernandes, Dato’ Hamidah Naziadin, and the eight-time squash world champion Datuk Nicol David. These mentors share invaluable insights on leadership, communication, mindset, innovation, and more, presented through immersive, high-definition cinematic videos.


An Outstanding Addition: Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Abdul Wahid Omar’s ‘Pragmatic Leadership’

The highlight is the unveiling of Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Abdul Wahid Omar’s ‘Pragmatic Leadership’ course. This course will provide learners with essential tools and mindset for impactful leadership as it dives into various crucial aspects- for instance, adaptability, effective communication, teamwork, negotiation, strategic thinking and problem-solving. Learners will acquire hands-on knowledge and valuable insights into fundamental leadership principles. This enables them to lead effectively and create a significant impact within their organizations and beyond.


Key Takeaways from ‘Pragmatic Leadership’

  • Overcoming Mental Obstacles: The course examines methods to overcome mental obstacles, cultivating a mindset conducive to innovative solutions for intricate challenges.
  • Strategic Risk-Taking for Innovation: Participants grasp the importance of embracing calculated risks to drive innovation and foster growth.
  • Time Optimization and Efficiency: Empowering themselves, learners optimize time, elevate efficiency, and attain a more balanced work-life equation.
  • Fundamental Leadership Expertise: The course equips learners with tools to instil confidence and inspire others in their professional paths by exploring vital leadership skills and strategies.
  • Impactful Communication and Collaboration: Mastering impactful communication and collaboration, the course enables individuals to create a positive influence within their teams and organizations.

Special Offer for Aspiring Leaders


In conjunction with the course launch, DIRI is extending an exclusive opportunity for learners. For a limited time, these courses are available for RM149 each, discounted from the standard RM199, with a generous 1-year access period. This special promotion presents a remarkable opportunity for individuals to invest in their personal development at a budget-friendly rate.

To enroll in Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Abdul Wahid Omar’s course on ‘Pragmatic Leadership’ and commence on your journey toward impactful leadership, visit the DIRI Courses – Abdul Wahid Omar: Pragmatic Leadership.

Committed to Storytelling for Learning

DIRI firmly believes in the power of a good story to connect, resonate, inspire, and engage with learners. The dedication to imparting lessons through captivating stories, fostering enduring life skills, and offering access to the nation’s finest resources remains steadfast. Join DIRI on this educational expedition. Delve into the transformative potential of lifelong learning and empowering yourself to lead with impactful influence.

By Nur Maisarah Putri

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