Check Out These 5 Local Brands for Your Bespoke Lunar New Year Outfit


As the calendar turns a new leaf, the anticipation of the Lunar New Year 2024 heightens, bringing with it the promise of family reunions, festive cheer, and, of course, the perfect ensemble to welcome the Year of the Dragon. Malaysian fashion maestros are at the forefront, seamlessly blending tradition and modernity to create bespoke collections that transcend cultural boundaries. Let’s delve into five local brands that are redefining Lunar New Year fashion.

1. Brian Khoo

Brian Khoo unveils a fashion extravaganza, drawing inspiration from the enchanting ocean depths. The collection, drenched in hues of green, blue, white, and purple, submerges traditional attire in mesmerizing underwater motifs. Reef silhouettes dominate, gracing Hawaiian shirts and elegant gowns. Notable pieces feature a sheer catsuit and a bridal gown adorned with intricate dragon embroidery, inviting fashion enthusiasts on a captivating journey beneath the waves.

Discover the Brian Khoo Collection here.

2. Khoon Hooi

Khoon Hooi, a designer synonymous with elegance and playful colours, unveils a lively Lunar New Year collection featuring chic kaftan sets and whimsically adorned samfus for men. Tradition meets whimsy in every piece, showcasing the brand’s flair for sophistication.

Explore the Khoon Hooi Collection here.

3. Spirit Animal Co.

Embarking on a new chapter, Spirit Animal Co. makes a mark with its debut Lunar New Year collection for men, complete with matching sets for couples. With six unique designs, this collection promises to be a milestone for the brand. The exclusive collection launched in January pays homage to classic details and tradition. Be prepared to take a step back in time, and revisit timeless classics.

Shop Spirit Animal Co.’s collection here or at The Starhill, KL.

4. Cassey Gan

Cassey Gan offers statement pieces that break from tradition. Playful patterns, like the red maxi dress and sky-blue chequered top, captivate attention. Versatile ensembles can be worn beyond the festivities. Cassey Gan often leaves styling to your imagination, her pieces are meant to be mixed and matched to create your individual unique outfit.

Browse the Cassey Gan Collection here.

5. Inch Perfect

Inch Perfect, a beacon of slow fashion, presents a Lunar New Year collection inspired by the delicate dance of yin and yang. Feminine phoenix and crane motifs represent yin, embodying delicacy and romance. Contrastingly, yang is depicted through cool tones, symbolizing strength and authority. With sizes ranging from S to L, and prices starting at RM109, Inch Perfect emphasizes meaningful clothes crafted with precision, offering free shipping for orders above RM250.

Secure your Inch Perfect Lunar New Year pieces here.

Elevate Your Lunar New Year Outfits

These local fashion houses have not just created clothing; they’ve woven tales of culture, artistry, and individuality. As you prepare to welcome the Year of the Dragon, let your wardrobe reflect the fusion of tradition and modernity. Dive into oceanic opulence, adorn yourself with feathers and prints, and embrace the vibrant tales of Malaysian childhood. The Lunar New Year is not just a celebration; it’s a fashion journey, and these collections are your guide to the latest festive trends.

Written by Joe Jerimi

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