Garmin Malaysia Introduces Lily 2 Smartwatch Series


Small, Stylish, and Smart: Garmin Malaysia’s Latest Lily 2 Series

Garmin Malaysia has launched its eagerly awaited Lily 2 series, a testament to the company’s commitment to blending style with cutting-edge technology. This petite and fashionable smartwatch series is designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern individuals. The series offers an array of health, wellness, and connected features that make it more than just a timepiece.

Garmin: Fashion Meets Functionality

Garmin’s Lily 2 series marries classic aesthetics with contemporary technology, presenting a metal watch case and unique patterned lenses. With a quick tap or turn of the wrist, users can reveal a bright touchscreen display, seamlessly blending the classic look with modern functionality. The series is available in a range of beautiful colourways. This includes Cream Gold and Coconut or Dark Bronze and Mulberry, allowing users to personalize their style. Complementing this, Italian leather, nylon, or silicone bands can be easily swapped out, providing versatility to match any look or occasion.

Garmin’s Lily 2 Series: Trendy, Yet Unexpected

Body Battery Energy Monitoring: Lily 2 helps users monitor their energy levels throughout the day. This aids in finding the best times for activity and rest.

Sleep Score and Insights: Users can receive a comprehensive score for their sleep quality, coupled with insights on improvement. The watch also tracks different sleep stages, heart rate, stress levels, Pulse Ox, and respiration.

Fitness Tracking: Lily 2 keeps a meticulous record of steps, calories burned, intensity minutes, and more. It ensures users to stay on top of their fitness goals.

Sports Apps and Dance Fitness: Built-in sports apps cater to various workouts, from cardio and yoga to strength training. Additionally, the new dance fitness activity enables tracking of dance styles like Zumba, Afrobeat, Bollywood, EDM, and hip-hop.

Connected GPS: Ideal for outdoor activities, Lily 2 connects to a compatible smartphone’s GPS. It provides accurate activity tracking stats during walks, runs, or bike rides.

Move Alert Suggestions: Combat sedentary habits with Lily 2’s move alerts, offering reminders and suggesting a variety of movements, even accommodating seated options.


Garmin’s Lily 2 series is not just a fashion statement; it’s a health and wellness companion. Beyond the trendy exterior, the watch boasts a range of features that make it an essential part of any lifestyle.

Health Essentials at Your Fingertips

Designed for 24/7 health tracking, Lily 2 keeps users informed about their heart rate, respiration, Pulse Ox, and stress levels. The morning report feature provides a comprehensive overview of sleep quality, daily calendar, weather, and more. During stressful moments, the meditation activity assists users in engaging with meditation practices. Meanwhile, the breathwork activity provides a range of breathing techniques accessible directly from the watch. Furthermore, Lily 2 incorporates features for women’s health tracking. This enables users to monitor their menstrual cycle and pregnancy while also receiving guidance on exercise and nutrition.


Stay Connected on the Go

For those constantly on the move, Lily 2 ensures connectivity with Apple or Android smartphones, allowing users to receive emails, texts, and alerts directly on their watch. Safety and tracking features add an extra layer of security, sending emergency alerts with the user’s name and location to pre-selected contacts if an incident is detected. When connected to the Garmin Connect app, users have the opportunity to access their health and fitness information, engage with friends, and join challenges—all without incurring any charges.

Lily 2 Pricing and Availability

The Lily 2 series is now available, with a suggested retail price starting at RM1,290 for Lily 2 and RM1,450 for Lily 2 Classic. Customers can purchase these stylish smartwatches on Shopee, Lazada, AECO e-store, Garmin Brand Stores, and all authorized retailers.

Elevating Lifestyle with Garmin’s Lily 2 Series

Garmin’s Lily 2 series is not just a smartwatch; it’s a lifestyle statement. It seamlessly integrates fashion with functionality, making it a valuable accessory for the modern individual who seeks both style and substance. As the tech giant continues to innovate, Lily 2 stands as a beacon of Garmin’s commitment to empowering individuals through smart, stylish, and health-conscious technology. For more information, visit Garmin’s Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Please note that this series is not designed as a medical device and should not be used for diagnosing or monitoring any medical conditions.

By Nur Maisarah Putri

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