Shopee Uncoveres Gen Z Shopping Trends in The Digital Era


Shopee discovers the latest Gen Z shopping trends! Dive into how the leading e-commerce platform is reshaping the shopping landscape for the tech-savvy generation. Unlock the secrets behind Gen Z’s digital interactions and their impact on online shopping.

Shopee studies, 7 in 10 Gen Z consumers aged 18 to 24 leverage e-commerce platforms as their go-to touchpoint in the shopping journey. This critical shift underscores Gen Z’s active utilization of digital platforms not just for transactions, but as hubs of information and research before making purchase decisions.

Enhancing Service Quality for Gen Zs with Shopee: Understanding Consumer Trendsvice Quality Gen Zs

In the realm of Gen Z shopping behavior, external validation reigns supreme. A notable 67% actively seek positive recommendations when researching products, highlighting the importance of customer reviews and influencer endorsements. For this discerning group, user trust and transparent communication of product benefits take precedence over affordability or quality alone.


Majority of Gen Z shoppers complete their purchase journey within a day, a significant third dedicates at least five days. This extended phase, we delve deeply into reviews and video demonstrations, ensuring that product performance and satisfaction align with their expectations.

Enlivening Shopping Experience with E-commerce Platforms


When asked why they prefer e-commerce platforms, nearly 82% of Gen Z respondents highlighted the extensive product variety and competitive pricing. This data-driven approach reflects their reliance on platform functionalities to validate purchases and ensure satisfaction.

A significant finding from the study is the impact of fulfilment practices on Gen Z’s choice of purchase channel. Two-thirds of respondents prioritize established practices like flexible shipping options, on-time deliveries, and real-time order tracking, emphasizing trust in securing Gen Z’s loyalty.

In response to evolving shopping behaviours, Shopee introduced the 15-Days Free Returns, No Questions Asked* program. This initiative offers buyers unprecedented flexibility and fosters a culture of unwavering customer trust. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, Shopee is streamlining the shopping journey and providing users with the ultimate peace of mind.

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