Sisley SS24 Collection: A Celebration of Romance and Rebellion

Fashion brand Sisley has been fearlessly fashionable since 1968. Step into a world where urban fashion meets creativity. As a proud member of the Benetton Group, Sisley pushes boundaries, delivering daring designs and unrivalled quality, keeping fashion enthusiasts craving more.


Embracing the “La Dolce Vita” Lifestyle

Sisley’s SS24 collection draws inspiration from the sultry allure of the ’90s and the unapologetic essence of urban grit. The campaign, featuring Bianca Balti and Lim Ji-Yeon, encapsulates the rebellious spirit of the collection—where sophistication meets spontaneity. Functional yet effortlessly chic, the pieces reflect Sisley’s signature style with a touch of rock and roll.

In a thrilling event that left fashion enthusiasts buzzing, Sisley’s Spring Summer 2024 Collection, aptly named “La Dolce Vita,” was recently unveiled at the flagship store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The collection, a harmonious blend of functionality and romanticism, caught the eye of celebrities and style icons alike.


Sisley’s exclusive event held at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur saw a star-studded guest list, including celebrities like Christinna Kuan, Idris Khan, Alicia Amin, and Vanizha Vasanthanathan, showcasing pieces from the SS24 collection. From sleek silhouettes to edgy embellishments, each garment embodied urban sophistication and contemporary allure. This milestone marked Sisley’s second phase of expansion into Southeast Asia, solidifying its presence in the region.

For women, simplicity reigns with clean-cut lines and a focus on black and vibrant hues. Denim takes centre stage, complemented by romantic touches like rhinestones and lace on sweaters and dresses. Transitioning into a relaxed, indie rock-inspired vibe, the collection offers crochet and silk-linen blends in psychedelic prints and earthy tones—ideal for the modern woman.


Gentlemen, prepare to elevate your wardrobe with Sisley’s SS24 Men’s Collection, where iconic practicality meets effortless sophistication. From unlined jackets and all-white suits, the collection offers a versatile range designed for comfort and style. Key pieces are crafted from breathable fabrics in a chic palette of pastels and classic neutrals.

Experience “La Dolce Vita” at Sisley’s Flagship Store

Immerse yourself in the world of Sisley, a visit to the flagship store at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur is a must. With its sleek and modern aesthetic, the store serves as the perfect backdrop for exploring the “La Dolce Vita” collection. Designed with sustainability in mind, Sisley incorporates hi-tech features and recycled materials throughout the space, reflecting its commitment to eco-conscious practices. From dedicated denim sections to curated accessories displays, every corner of the store offers a tailored shopping experience that celebrates the brand’s timeless elegance and contemporary vision.

You can explore Sisley’s collection by visiting their official website here.

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