TUMI Introduces Its First Golf Collection


TUMI, the purveyor of luxury travel and lifestyle essentials, makes its foray into the golfing realm with the grand unveiling of the TUMI Golf collection. This exclusive debut took place at The Gardens Mall.

TUMI: Bridging Luxury Travel with Golf

This collection showcases the brand’s commitment to blending cutting-edge materials and innovative design. Overseen by TUMI’s Creative Director, Victor Sanz, the collection features a curated selection of 22 meticulously crafted items. It exudes sophistication with its predominantly sleek black hues and tasteful accents of off-white and tan.

TUMI: The Pinnacle of Elegance in the World of Golf

At the heart of the collection are the exquisite golf bags, meticulously engineered to elevate the golfing experience. These bags boast game-enhancing features such as soft-touch padding, USB-C charging ports, and cooler pockets. They are also coupled with the distinctive option for personalized monogramming, embodying the hallmark of TUMI’s bespoke luxury. Complementing these bags are a range of lifestyle accessories. This includes duffels, divot tools, tee and ball pouches, and club covers, all seamlessly designed.

“Golf represents a unique intersection of sport, entertainment, and lifestyle, where every golfer has the power to curate their games to their exact preferences, from the socks they wear to the putter they wield. This personalized experience sets golf apart, making it unlike any other. It’s this very reason that drove TUMI to enter the golf arena, aiming to enhance our customers’ experience of the game,” states Randy Wong, TUMI General Manager of Southeast Asia.

Performance Meets Luxury

Each piece in the collection is meticulously crafted with the rigors of professional golf in mind, employing the highest technical precision to enhance performance. The prices range from RM3,400 to RM7,970 for golf and travel bags, and RM700 to RM2,600 for additional accessories. The collection offers a fusion of performance and luxury unparalleled in the golfing world.

The TUMI Golf Collection

The TUMI Golf collection is available exclusively on TUMI.com globally, with plans for a forthcoming arrival in TUMI stores. Elevate your game to new heights with TUMI’s Golf collection, where luxury meets sport in perfect harmony.


For more information, visit TUMI or follow them @TUMITravel on Instagram and Facebook.

By Nur Maisarah Putri

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