‘Steam and Go’: Panasonic Launches New Handheld Garment Steamers

In a world that never stops, where every second counts and schedules are a symphony of chaos, Panasonic steps in as your fashion fairy godmother. Picture this: You’re on a tight schedule, dashing from one meeting to another or perhaps jet-setting across the globe. The last thing you need is the hassle of wrinkled clothes. Enter Panasonic’s latest innovation – handheld garment steamers designed to be your on-the-go style companion, ensuring your outfits stay effortlessly crisp wherever life takes you.

Unveiling the Power Duo

(L-R) Keisuke Nishida, MD of Panasonic Malaysia and Shinichi Tsuda, General Manager of Appliances Marketing of Panasonic Malaysia at the new handheld garment steamer launch

Panasonic’s new handheld garment steamers come in two splendid models – the foldable NI-GHF025WSK and the non-foldable NI-GHD015WSK. Crafted with meticulous precision, these steamers embody Panasonic’s commitment to innovation, simplicity, and a touch of fashion flair. Keisuke Nishida, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia, emphasizes their dedication to enhancing customers’ lives. “We understand that consumers today are always on-the-go, and they need products that seamlessly complement their busy, modern lifestyles. These products feature three key factors – convenience, simplicity and efficiency – as part of their design and thoughtful usability. We are excited about this product, and we believe it will redefine the way Malaysians approach garment care by offering a compact, convenient and efficient solution.”

Steam and Go: Bid Farewell to Bulky Irons

Ironing made easy on-the-go shown by Keisuke Nishida, MD of Panasonic Malaysia with the new handheld garment steamer

Say goodbye to the days of wrestling with hefty irons and clunky ironing boards. The NI-GHF025WSK and NI-GHD015WSK handheld garment steamers are the sleek, modern solution to effortlessly refresh your garments with minimal effort and maximum convenience. Weighing in at a mere 600g (NI-GHF025WSK) and 530g (NI-GHD015WSK), these compact wonders are perfect for your suitcase or handbag.

The foldable NI-GHF025WSK boasts a Titanium Soleplate, offering a revolutionary 2-way ironing experience – steam and dry. For delicate fabrics that shy away from traditional irons, the NI-GHD015WSK is the answer. With its Plastotype panel, it guarantees powerful steam without the risk of an overheating soleplate.

Fast, Seamless, and Smooth Ironing

In a world where time is of the essence, Panasonic’s handheld garment steamers take the lead. The Rapid Start-Up feature ensures you can start steaming clothes in just 30 seconds (NI-GHF025WSK) and 20 seconds (NI-GHD015WSK), perfect for those moments when every second counts. The 1300W steam power effortlessly smooths out deep wrinkles, leaving you looking impeccable and ready for whatever the day brings.

Stay Fresh and Hygienic: More Than Just Wrinkle-Free

Panasonic introduced two new handheld garment steamers for “Steam and Go”convenience

Beyond the realm of wrinkles, Panasonic’s handheld garment steamers offer a unique feature – the ability to steam away 99.99%* mites and bacteria. This not only keeps your clothes fresh but also makes these steamers versatile tools for soft toys, pillows, and even those long-kept wardrobe treasures. The gentle steam power of both models allows you to “steam away” bacteria, extending the lifespan of fabric-based items and reducing the wear and tear caused by frequent washing.

Where to Find Your Fashion Companion

The new Panasonic handheld garment steamers are now available for purchase at all official Panasonic online and physical stores, as well as official distributors. The NI-GHF025WSK model is priced at RM299, while the NI-GHD015WSK model is a steal at RM179. For more information and to embark on a wrinkle-free journey, visit Panasonic’s official website.

Text by Solehah Kok

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