Swipe-Match-Marry: Halal Wave unveils extensive cross-market research on marriage-oriented Muslims

muslim matchmaking

The digital era has made finding love as simple as a swipe. Dating patterns have shifted in the aftermath of the pandemic, leading to fewer spontaneous romantic encounters. This led to Muslims in search of marriage aged 25 to 34 increasingly turning to dating and matchmaking apps.

by Adriana Ozlan

Tech-Savvy Muslim Singles Embrace Online Matchmaking, Reveals ‘Match to Marriage’ Report by TBWA Asia’s Halal Wave

Muslim singles are increasingly using technology to search for love, with nearly 77.8% using matchmaking platforms. Popular apps like Muzz, Salams, and the Malaysian newcomer BaitulJannah are widely favoured. This insight comes from the recent groundbreaking report “Match to Marriage” by TBWA Asia’s Halal Wave. This report analyzed data from 158,586 social media conversations and 16 interviews conducted between 2021 and 2023 in five countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Hui Tsin Yee, Chief Executive Officer of TBWA Group Malaysia, noted that this report reflects their proactive approach to crafting strategies for this vibrant and diverse demographic.

Unlocking Insights: Muslim Dating, Marriage Journeys, and Business Opportunities

muslim matchmaking

The report illuminates the experiences of Muslims on their marriage journey and provides valuable data for businesses to better serve a diverse audience in the realm of Muslim dating and matchmaking.

Nazirah Ashari, Head of 65dB Kuala Lumpur, Strategy Director at Halal Wave, TBWA\Asia, and Research Author of the “Match to Marriage” report, shared, “Isolation during the pandemic profoundly affected me, prompting a deeper connection with God and a desire for marriage. I refocused my priorities and delved into online Muslim matchmaking, exploring its psychology, challenges, and opportunities, which underpin this report.”

Highlights from the Report

The report highlights that Muslims face challenges in their pursuit of marriage. In their culturally diverse environment, interfaith marriage discussions are of significant interest.

Concerns about marriage regulations between different faiths and conversion to Islam as part of interfaith marriage affect 62.3% of respondents.

Lack of guidance is cited by 20.6% as the second most significant barrier, as they are uncertain if their approach aligns with Islamic teachings.

3.9% mention language barriers, while 3.0% express fears of online dating and matchmaking scams.

Additionally, 2.6% worry about differing intentions, especially when seeking a serious commitment to marriage.

8 Areas of Marriage Readiness

Degree of Marriage Readiness

Capturing the Vast Market Potential: Meeting the Needs of Marriage-Minded Muslims Worldwide

DinarStandard, a growth strategy research and execution management firm, reported that the nearly 1.9 billion global Muslim consumers spent USD$2 trillion across various categories in 2021. They anticipate this figure to rise to USD$2.8 trillion by 2025. There is a strong demand for products and services aligning with the Islamic way of life.

Nazirah concluded, “Certainly, there is a growing need for businesses to empower and support marriage-seeking Muslims on their path to matrimony. Tailored, faith-friendly offerings for different life stages will thrive in today’s era.”

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