Muslim Pro Introduces Islamic AI Bot and Upgraded Quran Features for Ramadhan

Muslim Pro

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital innovation, Muslim Pro, the leading Muslim lifestyle application, is once again at the forefront with the introduction of two groundbreaking features – “Ask AiDeen,” an AI-powered Islamic chatbot, and enhanced functionalities to its Quran features. These additions are poised to transform the way Malaysian Muslims engage with their faith, offering a seamless blend of tradition and technology just in time for Ramadhan.

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Muslim Pro New Quran Features: Immerse, Memorise and Learn

Muslim Pro
Ask AiDeen, Islamic AI Bot from Muslim Pro

At the heart of Muslim Pro lies its Quran feature, meticulously crafted for the diverse needs of the Muslim community. Recognizing the significance of the Quran during Ramadhan, Muslim Pro has revamped its Quran functionalities. It now offers immersive listening experiences, comprehensive memorization tools, and engaging lesson plans. This new design aims to facilitate Quranic study and memorization, fostering a deeper connection with the holy book.

Fara Abdullah, Chief of Strategy at Muslim Pro, underscores the importance of these enhancements, stating, “We understand that reading and memorizing the Quran is an important part of Ramadhan for Malaysians. The inclusion of modern memorization tools represents a harmonious blend of technology and traditional Quranic study methods, setting a new standard for Islamic educational apps.”

Introducing “Ask AiDeen”: Your AI-Powered Islamic Companion

Complementing the enhanced Quran features is “Ask AiDeen,” an AI-powered chatbot. It’s designed to provide users with instant access to authentic answers to their Islamic queries. Powered by Generative AI, Ask AiDeen accesses verified sources, including the Quran and hadiths. It adeptly addresses the challenge of navigating trustworthy religious information with ease.

Fara Abdullah further elaborates on the significance of Ask AiDeen, stating, “Ask AiDeen is more than just a technological innovation; it’s a companion ready to support our users in their quest for religious knowledge anytime, anywhere. With Ask AiDeen, we aim to empower our Muslim Pro community to take charge of their religious learning and use AI-based tools responsibly.”

Seamless Integration and Optimum Experience

The enhanced Quran functionalities and Ask AiDeen feature will be seamlessly integrated into the app, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all. These features will launch on all iOS devices by March 5, 2024, and on Android devices by March 8, 2024. For a seamless and optimum experience throughout Ramadan, users should promptly update their app.

Enriching the Ramadan Experience with Qalbox

In alignment with these innovative features, Qalbox, the entertainment streaming platform by Muslim Pro, is set to enrich the Ramadhan experience further. A curated selection of seasonal specials including inspirational series, enlightening documentaries, and heartwarming shows. Meticulously chosen, these offerings complement the spiritual journey of users, serving a holistic Ramadan experience.

In Malaysia, Muslim Pro has approximately 1.5 million monthly active users, solidifying its position as the top Quran features app. With over 150 million downloads across 190 countries, Muslim Pro is available on Android’s Play Store and Apple App Store. This reaffirms its global influence as a leading Islamic lifestyle app.

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Text By Solehah Kok

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