Volvo Padel Open: Elevating Sports in Malaysia

The Volvo Padel Open, Malaysia’s first and largest padel tournament, came to a grand conclusion on last month.

The Volvo Padel Open tournament accepted registrations for three categories: Open, Intermediate, and Women. The competition offered a total prize pool of RM100,000 in cash, Volvo merchandise, and the opportunity to experience a fully electric Volvo car for up to two weeks.

The Volvo Padel Open kicked off in the first weekend of June. It started with complimentary coaching clinics for participants in the Open category. More than 200 beginner players learned the basics of the sport. This took place across all three Klang Valley padel clubs – ASCARO Padel & Social Club, Padelground, and PadelKu. Armed with new skills, 113 teams in the Open category then tested their mettle. They competed in round-robin group matches during qualifiers on 8th and 9th June. The top 32 teams across all three padel clubs were shortlisted to compete in the final rounds. This occurred concurrently with the 48 teams in the Intermediate and Women’s categories.

Final Showdown

On Saturday, 15th June, ASCARO Padel & Social Club was transformed into the venue for the final showdown. This involved 80 finalist teams from all categories. More than 350 participants and their guests witnessed intense elimination matches. These matches elevated the standard of the sport since its local introduction last year. The atmosphere was electric as players displayed remarkable skill and sportsmanship, vying for the coveted title and prizes.

A Champion of the Sport

Volvo Car Malaysia has been an early champion of the sport last year. It held its first Koppla sporting event exclusively for Volvo owners soon after the opening of ASCARO Padel & Social Club, the first padel club in Malaysia. This year’s tournament further solidified Volvo’s commitment to supporting the padel community in Malaysia.

Speaking at the finals, Patricia Yaw, Marketing Operations and PR Director of Volvo Car Malaysia, commented. She said, “Padel is very popular in Volvo’s birthplace in Sweden, and this year we decided to expand our passion for the sport to the entire padel community in Malaysia.” We are proud to champion a people-first sport that has strong historic roots and has evolved with exciting, modern gameplay, similar to how Volvo builds upon our long safety legacy with our new electric cars and fully electric ambitions by 2030.”

Beyond the Tournament

The Volvo Padel Open was more than just a competition; it was a celebration of community, sportsmanship, and the joy of discovering new passions. As padel continues to grow in popularity in Malaysia, events like these play a crucial role in nurturing talent and fostering a vibrant sports culture. The success of this tournament has undoubtedly set a high standard for future sporting events in the region.

For more information on the Volvo Padel Open, visit The Volvo’s website or follow Volvo Car’s instagram.