Harmony Unleashed: ASCA and Spira Spica Enchant Malaysia at Comic Fiesta 2023

asca x spira spica at comic fiesta 2023

In a crescendo of anime anthems, ASCA x Spira Spica illuminated the stage at the “ASCA x spira spica from SACRA MUSIC Live Stage in Malaysia.” at Comic Fiesta 2023. This enchanting performance captivated nearly 3,000 fans, the pinnacle of Southeast Asia’s anime events. It was a collaboration between SACRA MUSIC, Comic Fiesta, and the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia.

Celebrating ASEAN-Japan Friendship

The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur (JFKL), orchestrated this musical spectacle, commemorating the 50th anniversary of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation. The presence of H. E. Mr. Takahashi Katsuhiko, Ambassador of Japan to Malaysia, added an aura of distinction to the event. Mr. Surya Kumar A/L Subramaniam, Senior Principal Assistant Secretary, also graced the occasion.

Echoes of Joy from Spira Spica

Mikiha, better known as Spira Spica, the ebullient leader of Spira Spica, radiated joy, exclaiming, “I am so happy!” For both ASCA and Spira Spica, Malaysia witnessed their inaugural performance in the country. ASCA, addressing the anticipation, shared, “I have received a lot of messages from fans asking me to come to Malaysia. So, I am very happy to finally be able to realize this dream of seeing ASCA in Malaysia.”

A Harmonious Prelude: Fan Engagement at Comic Fiesta

Before the concert, ASCA and Spira Spica engaged in a talking session at KLCC. This intimate interaction allowed fans to delve into the artists’ insights, pose questions, and participate in a spirited game of Janken. They also had the opportunity to secure exclusive SACRA MUSIC merchandise. The bond between artists and fans was palpable, creating a memorable prelude to the night’s performance.

Anticipation for the Encore

But the symphony doesn’t conclude here. The excitement continues as ASCA and Spira Spica plan their return to Malaysia in February for the “SACRA MUSIC FES. 2024 IN MALAYSIA” at ZEPP KL. The lineup promises an extraordinary ensemble of Anisong Superstars, including FLOW, Who-ya Extended, and an opening act by the rising star Akase Akari. Secure your tickets now to witness this magical encore.

Text by Zaharah Roslan

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