Breaking Barriers: Natalie Dau’s 1000km Ultramarathon Journey


At 52, Natalie Dau is not just running marathons; she’s redefining them. Known as a nine-time ultramarathon champion, Natalie Dau is about to embark on her most ambitious challenge yet—Project 1000. This extraordinary solo run will span 1000 kilometres across Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, making her a beacon of inspiration and a symbol of unwavering determination.

Natalie Dau: The Adventure Begins

Natalie Dau
Natalie Dau

Commencing on May 25th from Hat Yai, Thailand, Natalie will lace up her ASICS SUPERBLAST™ and NOVABLAST™ shoes for an epic journey. Her goal? To run two marathons everyday (that’s 84.4 kilometres daily) to cover the monumental distance in just 12 days. The run will culminate on June 5th, coinciding with Global Running Day at The Westin Singapore, where Natalie will be joined by 1000 runners from various running groups, including the ASICS Running Club, to complete the final leg together.

Aiming for Records

Project 1000 is not just about personal achievement. Natalie aims to set two records: the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Crossing of Peninsular Malaysia on Foot and an entry in the Singapore Book of Records for the Fastest 1000km Thailand-Singapore Ultramarathon. Such feats are not just about speed and endurance; they signify a broader message about the potential within us all.

Beyond the Physical Challenge

Project 1000 is a platform to raise awareness about the importance of movement and to spark positive change. The ASICS State of Mind Study highlighted a significant gender exercise gap, with women exercising on average 40 minutes less per week than men. Natalie’s journey aims to address this disparity by spotlighting the challenges women face in prioritizing physical activity. Through her run, she hopes to inspire others to overcome barriers and embrace the benefits of movement.

Funds raised through Project 1000 will support GRLS, part of Women Win, an organization dedicated to empowering girls and women worldwide. This cause is close to Natalie’s heart, aligning with ASICS’ mantra, “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.” She believes that everyone should have access to sports and movement, and she’s committed to championing this cause with passion and determination.

Empowerment Through Movement

Project 1000 promotes gender equality in fitness and showcases the transformative power of sports. It challenges stereotypes about the female body. Natalie Dau inspires individuals to embrace movement and overcome self-limiting beliefs.

Natalie Dau
Natalie Dau

Research from ASICS shows women who exercise feel significantly happier, more confident, energized, less stressed, and less frustrated. Natalie and ASICS promote this through Project 1000. Their goal is to inspire everyone to embrace physical activity for a better life.

The Support System

Preparing for such a gruelling challenge requires meticulous planning and support. ASICS will provide Natalie with essential apparel and running gear, ensuring she remains injury-free and maintains optimal recovery throughout the 12-day run. The ASICS Running Club will also play a crucial role, offering encouragement and support as Natalie undertakes this monumental challenge.

Join the Journey

As Natalie prepares to embark on this game-changing run, she invites everyone to follow her journey and support her cause. For updates on Project 1000, follow Natalie on Instagram at @rockstararms and ASICS Singapore at @asicssg with hashtags #Project1000 and #Project1000Run.

Nevertheless, Natalie Dau’s Project 1000 highlights the human spirit, resilience, and movement’s transformative power. Her journey inspires countless individuals. It promotes an active, empowered life for all.

So, whether you’re a seasoned runner or someone looking for a spark of inspiration, join Natalie in celebrating the power of movement. Let’s run together towards a future where everyone can enjoy the benefits of a sound mind in a sound body.

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