Moccona Launches Limited-Edition


MOCCONA Malaysia introduces its new special embellished jars, decorated with aquatic-theme designs. Influenced by the bewitching underwater world, MOCCONA’s special jars display detailed illustrations of threatened animals in our region. For instance, river dolphins, sea turtles, and spotted seals. MOCCONA aims to raise awareness of the marine habitats and the endangered aquatic species living in them through these designs. 

MOCCONA Embellished Jars (Spotted Seals)

These endangered living things keep facing destruction due to the increase in human activities such as plastic pollution and overfishing. Hence, this acts as a poignant reminder to protect these species and their precious habitats. Other than that, as a way to contribute to the sustainability of our planet, MOCCONA also motivates coffee lovers to practise upcycling and repurposing them. These 100% recyclable glass jars can be decorative pieces, coffee mugs, or storage solutions for food and fashion accessories. 

MOCCONA Embellished Jars (Pink Dolphins)

Phoon Shi Fun, MOCCONA’s brand owner, Head of Marketing for JDE Malaysia, expressed her vision for this initiative, “Environmental sustainability is paramount for both our land and underwater ecosystems, as they are intrinsically linked and crucial to our well-being. At MOCCONA, we believe that small actions can drive significant change. Through these decorative jars, we aim to shine a light on pressing environmental issues and offer a small yet impactful step that consumers can take towards creating a better world for all. While creating moments of indulgence with our coffee, we hope to rally coffee lovers to practise a sustainable lifestyle, starting with upcycling our 100 percent recyclable glass jars.”

MOCCONA Embellished Jars (Sea Turtles)

MOCCONA’s limited-edition embellished jars are available on store shelves from 11 September 2023 at RM37.96. In addition, these attractive jars come in three MOCCONA coffee intensities (Number 5, 8, and 10) and two designs. For more information about MOCCONA’s sustainability initiatives and other projects, please click here.  

Text by: Nur Maisarah Putri

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