BAJUU by Wardrobe Class of ’24


In Kuala Lumpur’s bustling fashion scene, the newly renovated Isetan Japan at Lot 10 Mall stands out as the new style hub. Bajuu by Wardrobe stole the spotlight, revealing its Class of ’24 Fashion Preview and captivating Bajuu Boys campaign. This event wasn’t just a fashion extravaganza; it was a testament to the evolution of style.

A Runway Spectacle: Introducing the Class of ’24 Collection

With elegance and precision, the runway at Isetan Lot 10 Mall became a stage of innovation. The Class of ’24 collection debuted gracefully. Bajuu by Wardrobe showcased a fusion of superior craftsmanship and contemporary flair, presenting an array of ensembles that spoke volumes about the brand’s dedication to quality and versatility. Each piece, from club blazers to sport coats, radiated elegance, modernity, and impeccable design, captivating the audience’s attention.

A Celebration of Versatility: The Bajuu Boys Campaign

The Bajuu Boys campaign seamlessly merged with the runway show, showcasing six charismatic male icons. They shared personal narratives through captivating videos.

  • Danial Bogers: A fusion of eclectic tastes, Danial embodies Bajuu by Wardrobe’s fluid fashion philosophy.
  • Jabir Meftah: Symbolizing depth and awareness, Jabir challenges norms with his inspiring narratives.
  • Jazmy Khan: Demonstrating agility and poise, Jazmy seamlessly integrates strength and elegance.
  • Jed Tan: Reflecting a contemporary interpretation of traditional refinement, Jed’s journey from law to social media inspires.
  • Shaun Liew: Shaun’s transition from barista to entrepreneur mirrors Bajuu by Wardrobe’s passion for innovation.
  • Theebaan G.: Embodying ambition’s transformative spirit, Theebaan resonates with the brand’s dynamic ethos.

Beyond Fashion: An Immersive Experience

More than just a fashion show, the event at Isetan Lot 10 Mall was a convergence of art, culture, and style. From elite figures in the fashion industry to celebrities and style influencers, the fashion preview attracted a diverse audience eager to immerse themselves in style.

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