Canon Partners with Tourism Perak


Canon’s Strategic Partnership with Tourism Perak hopes to boost nature-based exploration in Perak.

Canon Marketing Malaysia has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Tourism Perak Management Berhad (TPMB). This is witnessed by YB Loh Sze Yee, State Exco Tourism, Industry, Investment & Corridor Development Of Perak. The collaboration marks a strategic alliance for the upcoming “Visit Perak Year 2024” campaign. Canon plays a pivotal role as a strategic partner and sponsor for TPMB. These combined forces will showcase Perak’s charm and allure to the world.

Canon’s Strategic Role: A Vision for Perak

Canon’s involvement as the strategic partner and sponsor for TPMB’s ambitious tourism campaign underscores a shared commitment to revitalise Perak’s tourism industry. With a focus on heritage- and nature-based experiences, the collaboration aims to position Perak as Malaysia’s foremost destination for discerning travelers.

The MOU goes beyond a mere financial arrangement, encapsulating a comprehensive partnership. Canon will actively engage potential travelers through its expansive reach, collaborating with TPMB on workshops, competitions, and providing Canon cameras as prizes. Shunji Yoshikai, President and CEO of Canon Marketing Malaysia, emphasizes the corporate philosophy of ‘Kyosei,’ highlighting the importance of harmonious living and working for the common good.

“We are eager to work hand-in-hand with TPMB to showcase Perak’s charm and allure to the world. It is through collaborative efforts that we strive to not only showcase the beauty of Perak but also to contribute positively to the communities and environments we touch upon,” Yoshikai stated.

The MOU will see Canon closely collaborating with TPMB, leveraging Canon’s expansive reach to actively engage potential travellers.

Capturing Perak’s Essence: Photography and Videography Initiatives

The 12-month collaboration between these two is not just a business deal. It’s a commitment to mutual growth and the promotion of Perak’s rich tourism portfolio. The partners will co-host photography and videography competitions, alongside tailor-made workshops for industry participants in Perak.

Nurmalis Musa, CEO of Tourism Perak Management Berhad, sees the collaboration as a unified effort to promote Perak’s beauty. “Together with Canon, we aim to captivate audiences worldwide and invite travelers to experience the treasures Perak has to offer,” Musa commented. The initiatives are designed to illuminate Perak’s captivating narrative through visual storytelling. Hence, these will foster a deeper appreciation of its diverse cultural heritage and captivating attractions.

Journey Through the Lens: Canon and TPMB’s Unified Vision

By marrying innovation with the art of storytelling, the Canon-TPMB collaboration seeks to highlight Perak’s cultural and natural wonders. Through the lens of Canon cameras, the world will be invited to discover and cherish the uniqueness that Perak carries. The strategic alliance between Canon and TPMB signifies a significant stride in rejuvenating the state’s tourism sector. It also beckons explorers to uncover Perak’s hidden gems.

L-R_ En. Nor Azman Zulkifli, Senior Manager, Asset Facilities Management, Majuperak Holding Berhad, Cik Nurmalis Binti Musa, CEO, Tourism Perak Management Berhad, Mr. Shunji Yoshikai, President and CEO of Canon

As the “Visit Perak Year 2024” campaign unfolds, Canon will keep enthusiasts and travelers informed about upcoming workshops, events, and competitions. Stay connected by visiting or following Canon Malaysia’s official Facebook and Instagram pages.

Text by Nur Maisarah Putri

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