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Hey there, fashion-forward tech lovers! Get ready to dive into the vibrant world of Casetify, where your phone case dreams come to life with a splash of style and great durability. Casetify isn’t just about protecting your precious tech; it’s a statement, a piece of art, and a little bit of your soul, all wrapped up in one.

These cases are the talk of the town, blending top-notch protection with designs that scream ‘you’. Whether you’re a minimalist lover or a pattern clasher, Casetify has got your back (and your phone’s too!). Let’s explore the fabulous, the tough, and the downright gorgeous cases from Casetify, where your phone’s outfit is just as important as your own. Get ready to be wowed!

We’ve listed down our top picks from their latest collection.

We’ve listed down our top picks from their latest collection.

1. Buddy Gator

Buddy Gator is here! Say hello to CASETiFY’s first collaboration with a Malaysian character brand. Buddy Gator is a heartwarming comic collection by Chow Hon Lam and seeks to spread positive vibes and remind everyone that they are special.

Compatible devices: iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel.

Price: USD$13 – 99

2.Beyond The Vines

Checo out CASETiFY’s new collaboration with Singaporean multidisciplinary design studio: Beyond the Vines. This collaboration is the brand’s first collaboration with a design studio in Southeast Asia. This hotel-inspired collection merges the comfort of home with innovative design, encouraging the community to check in, unwind, and feel a sense of true belonging.

Design Features: The designs are inspired by the quintessential elements of a boutique hotel experience.

Compatible devices: Six exclusive designs are available as phone cases and tech accessories.

Price: USD$42 – 112


This is CASETIFY’s first collection with the popular Japanese manga and animated series, Doraemon! The Casetify x Doraemon collection takes inspiration from key elements of the popular Japanese manga and animated series, bringing them to life with CASETiFY’s range
of best-selling tech accessories.

Features: The Doraemon Collectible AirPods case comes with a detachable “Hopter” and exchangeable eyes to convey Doraemon’s many expressions.

Compatible Devices: Apple iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch bands, iPad, MagSafe chargers, laptop cases, SnappyTM Ring Stand, and the SnappyTM Card holder stand.

Price: USD$48 – 121

4.Le Sserafim

This is CASETiFY’s first collaboration with Source Music’s iconic girl group LE SSERAFIM. The group consisting of Kim Chaewon, Sakura, Huh Yunjin, Kazuha, and Hong Eunchae, has
successfully established themselves as the next global girl group with the song “FEARLESS”.

Features: The all-new collaboration collection features 9 unique designs that reinterpret the major themes and symbols from the group’s 3rd EP, “EASY”.

Compatible Devices: iPhone, Samsung, AirPods, and iPad.

Price: USD$39-121

5. Essentials by Casetify

Essentials by CASETiFYTM embodies the essence of simplicity and sophistication through a range of serene, understated tones inspired by the earth’s natural elements. This new collection blends function and style.

Features: Dust-proof case features tactile buttons and puffed bumpers, a raised bezel, and a lifted camera ring to prevent scratches. 2X Military Grade protection and up to 2m (6.6ft) drop protection.

Compatible Devices: Oat, Latte, Cacao (for iPhone 15 series only), Black and White
(currently available for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max; available for iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max on March 19th), Apple Watch, AirPods.

Price: USD$44-$76

For the latest release from Casetify check out their website here.

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