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A Beauty Veteran Celebrating the Essence of Womanhood 

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” one such belief is that of beauty veteran Amber Chia who is not only leaving her mark in Malaysia’s beauty industry but is also building a brand that embodies her ethos. Having started in the entertainment industry in 1999, Amber Chia has spent more than half of her life in the entertainment and beauty world, where she is most profoundly known for her career as a model, actress and host. 

She then ventured on to start the Amber Chia Academy, a modelling school with award-winning courses. That was 15 years ago. 15 years on, today, Amber is the visionary behind “Shero,” a local beauty brand championing women’s empowerment. 

The Genesis of Shero 

Amber Chia
Amber Chia MY Coverstar wearing Arunsayfull.

As the proud founder and CEO of her cosmetic brand, the name “Shero” is inspired by championing women as their own “heroes” – hence the combination of “she” and “hero.” 

Just shy of two years old, what Amber still considers a baby brand, the conceptualization of Shero began back in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. This was a time where consumers were taking to social media to let days pass them by. It was during these days Amber began exploring livestreams through her own social media channels and found a community of women who were interested in learning her makeup tips and tricks. 

From an early age, Amber had always been fascinated with the transformative power of makeup and skincare. It was only after reaching a certain age and having children, did she realize the need for suitable makeup for mature skin. Having a sea of inquisitive women that came to her during the pandemic further fuelled her passion to share the best skincare products she could find. 

In her search for good quality makeup, Amber quickly realized that there wasn’t a single product that holistically catered for her target audience, which are women above the age of 25 with more mature skin and targeted concerns. There was also no one brand that focuses on waterproof, high-quality ingredients for women above the age of 25.

Amber Chia wearing Arunsayfull.

Pursuing a New Dream

“During MCO, many people on my livestreams wanted to learn my skincare recommendations and I loved sharing. As people continued to inquire, I began searching and looking around for products I felt were needed for women about my age. The requirements were quite high, and I couldn’t find a good product that covered all concerns in one.”

Upon coming to terms with this, Amber went on to pursue creating her own range of products, beginning with magnetic lashes (which are sold out today), eye products as well as their featured makeup line. 

Shero:Blending Beauty and Skincare 

What sets Shero apart is its commitment to coupling skincare with makeup, a concept that Amber passionately believes in. Understanding that beauty is not just about looking good but also about feeling good in your skin, Shero infuses skincare benefits into its makeup formulations. 

Each product is meticulously crafted to not only enhance one’s appearance but also nourish and protect the skin. From the serum foundations enriched with hydrating ingredients to lipsticks infused with antioxidants, Shero ensures that every application is a step towards healthier, more radiant skin. By prioritizing skincare in their makeup, Shero not only helps women look their best but also empowers them to care for their skin in the long run. 

Amber takes pride in putting her heart and soul into each and every product she launches. Even from the start, she visited multiple global factories, travelling to Japan and Korea, all in her search for the right ingredients and formulations. 

“It’s my baby and I’ve put 100% of my heart into it. I also watch my age group of friends and observe what skin care concerns they need addressed. From there, I start searching. And I have over 20 products with more to come. I understand the concerns of older women, which typically includes pigmentation, discoloration, dark spots, and fine lines. The core direction of Shero is to provide waterproof, sweat proof makeup suitable for warm and humid weather.”

When formulating her products, Amber considers and studies multiple aspects. From understanding needs of Asian skin in Malaysia’s hot and humid weather, to understanding needs of mature skin which may require better coverage.

Take Shero’s Powerstay Radiant Serum Cushion Foundation for example, a calendula serum-enriched formula with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and peptides for rich and long-lasting moisture to keep the skin looking fresh for up to 24 hours. Shero also addresses the gap where cushion foundations catered for the mass market do not typically provide high coverage results. Hence, many women over 30 find themselves supplementing with concealer instead. In the search for something that works for her, Amber also formulated her Ultra Moist Longwear Lipstick – which is also a strong part of her brand ethos: High Quality and Affordable.  

“Starting from scratch, it took at least one hundred tries to achieve the right formulation. We now have a high-coverage series with high pigments that provide skin-lifting properties. The inclusion of peptides in this serum foundation helps with sensitive skin, while the antioxidants help with absorption and longer-lasting effects on mature and ageing skin. With Malaysia’s hot weather, we have also ensured its sun damage protection and waterproof properties.”

Shero,Trials and Triumphs 

Of course, Amber faced her fair share of challenges along the way. From navigating a competitive market to overcoming financial hurdles, scaling Shero was no easy feat. Propelling her forward was her team of empowered women and the growing community supporting Shero. 

Honoured to be part of KL International Beauty Week, Amber reminisces on how Shero started off as a small project in her home. 

“It was a humble start that began with genuine sharing with my followers. This then turned my house into my warehouse and office. I was doing my own deliveries, marketing, packaging and so I’m happy to see the growth we have achieved today, where I have grown a team who are actually with me at KL International Beauty Week. As things get busier and I have other businesses to manage, I recognize things aren’t easy but I’m extremely happy that I see the growth in my team.”

Just recently as of March 2024, Shero announced the opening of their first global office as part of their pursuit to expand to offline channels. In 2024, Shero also launched their first store opening in Parkson Elite Pavilion, with high hopes of such expansions continuing. Being sold alongside skincare giants, Amber believes in the power of Malaysian brands, which bring their own unique offerings to the table and never discount on quality. 

Growing a Community of Empowered Women 

A core part of Shero’s business model is also its emphasis on community building. Amber has built a community of mothers, business owners, and inspirational women alike – all on their individual life journeys but share the same goal of wanting to look and feel good. 

Truly believing in the power of amazing women, this is how Shero is bringing a difference to their consumers, “We host these regular workshops where women from across Malaysia travel to get together in one common place. It’s the best time for me to provide my customers with a personal and intimate experience. Many of them started off with 0 makeup skills, but through support, Shero provides once you’re in this community, some of them have grown to be makeup professionals with better knowledge of how to correctly use Shero products. We make sure they know, and that is the start to getting them motivated to feel better and beautiful. Once you purchase from Shero, you’re not alone – you’ll be in a lifelong community of supportive women, and we’ll make sure you’re getting the best use out of our products.”

Women Empowering Women

Still considering themselves a small venture, the sense of community is also helpful for Amber to constantly seek feedback from her consumers. “Since we are still small, I’m utilizing feedback as much as I can. I want to hear from these women on what they want and need. One defining moment for Shero came when I saw my range quickly becoming a favourite among the mothers. I’ve had a customer who purchased over 1000 Ringgit worth of products. That shocked me because it isn’t a normal purchasing pattern. When she entered our community, and I got to know her personally, I learnt that she had purchased these products to share with her circle of friends and family.”

It’s stories like these that validate Amber’s effort into the business. Shero’s biggest database are women above the age of 35, where she wants to empower them to embrace beauty and self-love through what Shero can offer – that’s the community she wants to continue building. However, her customer base also goes up to 70 years old! Amber’s mother is an avid supporter and loyal user of her products, often sharing personal testimonials. 

Keeping her promise of continuing to support, teach and share the goodness of her products, Amber has more workshops (both offline and online) in the works. The workshops are designed to encourage people to be their own “SHERO” while many of her customers also share their individual stories about motherhood, business, and challenges along the way. 

This innovative approach has not only garnered praise from beauty enthusiasts but has also helped Shero grow a community of loyal consumers. 

Ambr Chia
Amber Chia wearing Arunsayfull.

Shero:Slow and Steady Wins the Race 

Shero has been demonstrating steady growth since its inception two years ago. To Amber, the growth reflects her loyal community that she admits takes time to build. Available for shipping to eight countries, Shero is now making their headwinds into Singapore. Even when considering international expansion, Shero is approaching it step-by-step. 

To Amber, she would rather make stable progress when it comes to her expansion strategy. Recognizing the need for patience and dedicated time, she has chosen Singapore as the first international country for expansion. 

“We are growing slowly, but very stable. For now, we’re focusing on Singapore as the main international market. I want to make a stable footprint there before considering other countries. I’m not sure how that will pan out but I’m excited to see. I’m not sure what’s next after Singapore but I know nothing comes easy.”

The decision to grow Shero in Singapore came from the existing user base where Singaporeans have expressed their love and support for Shero. Having a similar climate and environment, Amber decided it was a safe and stable way forward rather than rapid multi-country expansion.

No Holding Back

If there is one piece of advice Amber has, it’s to not dwell on regrets too much and know life must go on. “And for aspiring entrepreneurs, always understand how to survive your market and stand strong with the direction of your products. For me, as a mother and entrepreneur, women empowerment has always guided my direction. There are so many amazing women out there these days. They all who deserve to be beautiful, confident and shine through their skin.”

Aside from her image as a model and business owner. Amber says she has a fun, confident and crazy attitude – all of which she would like to bring to her brand’s storytelling. Having carved out a product range suitable for the mummy age groups, from the outset, Shero has been challenging the conventional makeup standards.

Pressing on with Empowerment 

As Shero continues to flourish and make a name for itself, Amber remains committed to her original vision. The brand’s latest collaboration, as part of International Women’s Day, continued to celebrate and showcase leading women and the beauty of diversity. These leading women came together to share thoughts on the significant role women play in shaping the world. 

As branded across their social media: Witness the unity of strength between these amazing women, let’s amplify the voices of women, encouraging wisdom, resilience, and the power of love.

With plans to expand into new markets and introduce exciting innovations, Shero’s future looks brighter than ever. In the world of beauty, success is often measured by more than just sales figures. It’s about the lives touched, the barriers broken, and the narratives written. Amber and her team at Shero are doing just that, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and inspiring a new generation of beauty enthusiasts to redefine beauty on their terms, regardless of age.


Text by: Farrah Darma

Digital Editor: Lira Jamaluddin

Photographer: Bibo Aswan

Fashion Stylists: Andrea Wong and Mughni Che Din

Clothes: Arunsayfull

Makeup: Aida Jasmeen

Hair Stylist: Aireenz Rashid

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