5 Facial Yoga Exercises to Reduce Your Double Chin

5 Facial Yoga Exercises to Eliminate Double Chin

The double chin is dreaded by nearly every woman. The good news? It can be addressed with a simple facial yoga routine and exercises that can be done at home. It is not as complex as you might think.

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Understanding the Issue

While double chins are generally attributed to obesity and weight gain, they can also result from aging, leading to loose skin. Genetic predisposition and poor posture can also trigger the accumulation of submental fat under the chin. Thus, even slender individuals may experience double chins due to their facial structure. Though the causes may be beyond our control, with facial yoga and massage, you can regain a sharp chin and defined jawline. Consistency is key.

1. Jaw Stretching

Example of Jaw Stretching Exercise (Source: Adobe)

Tilt your head and look towards the ceiling. Then, stretch your jaw muscles by opening and closing your mouth. This exercise will make your facial muscles feel tight and engaged. Repeat this motion 30 times. You can also look for professional advice on jaw stretching exercises here.

2. Side Stretch and Pout

Example of Pout face (Source: Freepik)

Turn your head to either side, slightly tilt it backward, and pout your lips. Your mouth should be slightly open to exhale air. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds on each side.

3. Neck Stretch and Kiss

Example of neck stretch and kiss (Source: Freepik)

This exercise not only helps to eliminate double chins but also lifts the face. Pucker your lips maximally, then move your neck up and down. While tilting upwards, pucker and rest your lips while looking forward. This movement should be done rhythmically.

4. Cheeks Pulls With a Smile

Example of cheek pulls (Source: Healthline)

Perhaps the easiest facial yoga on the list, all you need to do is smile. With lips closed, smile, then rest your lips in a continuous movement. Repeat this action 30 times.

5. Tongue Twisting

Example of tongue twisting

Tilt your head slightly backward, stretching your chin muscles, and look straight ahead. Form an ‘O’ shape with your lips. Using your tongue, push your cheeks from side to side. Perform alternating movements continuously for 30 seconds.

Embrace Your Best Self

With a regular facial yoga routine, you can sculpt and define your jawline, enhancing your overall appearance and confidence. Remember, consistency is key to achieving desired results. So, embrace these simple exercises and watch as your chin becomes more defined and your jawline sharper, unveiling a more confident you.

Text By Zaharah Roslan

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