Festive Fun at EQ Kuala Lumpur This Christmas and New Year

EQ Kuala Lumpur

The Heart of Holiday Celebrations: EQ Kuala Lumpur Gears Up for Festive Season

The festive season is upon us, and EQ Kuala Lumpur is setting the stage for an unforgettable Yuletide and year-end celebration. EQ has announced a series of festive events and culinary experiences, starting from the 15th of November, 2023.

A Festive Kick-Off: The Bake Shop Comes Alive

The excitement begins with the opening of the Festive Bake Shop. From Christmas cookies to artisanal chocolates and bespoke hampers, the Bake Shop is a treasure trove for those seeking to indulge in festive delicacies or find that perfect gift. The customization service for Christmas hampers adds a personal touch to your holiday gifting.

Gastronomic Treats: A Christmas Feast

EQ’s culinary prowess shines this season, with a lavish spread of holiday favourites. Their luxury roast Cajun turkey is set to be a showstopper, alongside other pre-prepared delights like Beef Tenderloin Wellington and oven-baked lamb leg. These gourmet offerings are not only ideal for festive gatherings but also solve the dilemma of holiday cooking.

From Japanese Cuisine to Luxe Christmas Dinners

Each restaurant within EQ presents its own festive menu, catering to diverse palates. Kampachi, with its award-winning Japanese cuisine, offers a serene and refined dining experience. Meanwhile, Sabayon is set to dazzle with its seven-course Christmas Eve dinner, featuring window seats with breathtaking views of the city’s skyline. The ‘Chalet’ Christmas Day buffet at Sabayon is another highlight, promising a traditional yet luxurious dining experience.

Afternoon Tea Delights at Bottega Lounge

Bottega Lounge EQ Kuala Lumpur
Bottega Lounge EQ Kuala Lumpur

Etoile Bistro is the go-to for a more casual, yet equally festive meal. Their special Christmas platters and Wagyu tomahawk are must-tries. For those looking for a relaxed afternoon, Bottega Lounge’s festive Afternoon Tea, available from December 1st, offers a delightful array of sweet and savory treats, perfect for the season.

A Festive Buffet Extravaganza at Nipah

The buffet at Nipah is an extravaganza of flavours, starting from Christmas Eve. The array of dishes, from cold roasted chicken to festive seafood cocktails and a lavish dessert spread, ensures a memorable dining experience. EQ’s Christmas lunch buffet is a gourmet journey, featuring a sumptuous seafood selection, a variety of meats, and an array of desserts.

Countdown to the New Year in Style

As the New Year approaches, Sabayon elevates the celebration with an eight-course Countdown degustation menu. The option for window seating enhances the experience, offering stunning views and a bottle of champagne per person to toast to new beginnings.

Ringing in the New Year: Parties and Celebrations

SKY51 hosts the ‘Party In The Sky’, a blend of live music, DJs, and grazing platters, set against the backdrop of Kuala Lumpur’s skyline. The New Year’s Eve balloon drop in front of Bottega Lounge offers a festive and fun way to welcome the new year.

Whether it’s a gourmet feast, a luxurious afternoon tea, or a grand New Year’s bash, EQ has everything to make your holiday season special. Happy Holidays!

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