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Hilton Kuching

Unveiling a New Era of Business Gatherings

Hilton Kuching proudly introduces its newly upgraded facilities, signalling a transformative era for business gatherings. The unveiling sets the stage for a fusion of elegance, innovation, and sustainability. The new facilities promises to redefine the landscape of corporate events.

Hilton Kuching
Pre Function Room

The Hilton Kuching’s Upgraded Facilities

Legacy and Ambition

With a rich legacy spanning three decades as a prominent riverside landmark in Kuching, Hilton Kuching has taken a bold step to redefine the future of business gatherings. The recently upgraded Grand Ballroom and meeting spaces reflect the hotel’s commitment to sophistication, technology, and environmental responsibility. This strategic move aligns with the growing demand for bespoke luxury travel experiences and positions Hilton Kuching as a pioneer in meeting the evolving needs of both the Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Community (B2C) communities.

Hilton Kuching
Grand Ballroom

Crafting Experiences Beyond Spaces

Adrian Teh, General Manager of Hilton Kuching, envisions transformative events and Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) experiences that go beyond the ordinary. The revamped Grand Ballroom, marrying cutting-edge technology with aesthetic finesse, sets the tone for sophisticated events. Meticulously curated meeting spaces, flooded with natural light and panoramic river views, provide the perfect canvas for businesses to paint their visions.

Premium Packages and Personalized Experiences: Elevating Every Event

Tailored Luxury and Seamless Meetings

Hilton Kuching’s commitment to excellence extends to its Premium and Standard meeting packages. The Premium Packages offer a heightened experience with personalized setups, exquisite dish presentation, and individual plating for guests. State-of-the-art amenities, including 85-inch interactive touchscreen TV panels, wireless capabilities, and laptop mirroring, transform meetings into seamless, tech-enhanced experiences.

Reset & Recharge Packages: A Blend of Business and Comfort

To enhance the overall experience, Hilton Kuching introduces ‘Reset & Recharge’ packages, allowing guests to conduct business seamlessly while enjoying the newly renovated rooms. These packages merge business functionality with the comfort of a Hilton room, creating a seamless blend of work and relaxation.

Hilton Kuching
Premium Suite Riverview

Environmental Responsibility: Weaving Sustainability into Every Detail

A Green Commitment

Beyond aesthetics and technology, Hilton Kuching is committed to environmental responsibility. The hotel has adopted sustainable practices, including avoiding single-use plastics, providing recyclable-friendly pens and stationery, and offering linen-free meeting rooms to reduce water wastage associated with laundry.

Recognition and Ongoing Initiatives

In 2022, Hilton Kuching received the Gold Award for the Recycling Project with Hope Place, underscoring its dedication to environmental sustainability. The hotel’s “Meet with Purpose” program focuses on carbon offset initiatives, contributing to broader environmental goals. Through this program, Hilton enables customers to offset their event’s carbon emissions and invest in verified carbon reduction projects.

Culinary Excellence: A Journey Through Sustainability

Local Sourcing and Conscious Dining

Hilton Kuching takes immense pride in its culinary offerings, featuring a carefully curated journey that spotlights locally sourced, sustainable ingredients indigenous to Sarawak. This not only celebrates the rich flavors of the region, but significantly reduces the hotel’s carbon footprint. From revitalizing detox juices to signature dishes like cucur udang, kolok mee, and roti jala, each creation reflects Hilton Kuching’s dedication to sustainability and fostering a conscious dining experience.

Booking Your Transformative Experience

For those looking to host their next event, Hilton Kuching beckons as the ideal destination where sophistication meets environmental responsibility. To learn more about reservations, grand ballroom details, or meeting packages, visit Hilton Kuching’s official website.

Text by Nur Maisarah Putri

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