#ShopeeHaul Capsule Collection June 2024

Shopee Capsule Collection

In a captivating collaboration, Shopee has partnered with diverse Malaysian Muslimah fashion SMEs to create a capsule collection tailored for June 2024. This initiative aims to support local sellers while empowering women nationwide through affordable and stylish fashion. The 6.6 GayaLitLit #ShopeeHaul Shopee capsule collection wardrobe offers versatile styling possibilities. The items are all priced under RM40 on Shopee’s platform, making it both accessible and affordable for all Malaysian women.

Supporting Local Sellers and Empowering Women

Shopee’s partnership with local Muslimah fashion SMEs is more than just a business move. It’s a celebration of local talent and creativity. By working with brands like Panda Eyes, Lovito, and Zoe Arissa, Shopee is helping these homegrown sellers reach a broader audience. This collaboration highlights Shopee’s commitment to promoting local businesses and providing Malaysian women with fashionable, affordable options.

Understanding the Needs of Muslimah Fashion Shoppers

According to a recent Shopee study, comfort is a top priority for Muslimah fashion buyers aged 35 to 44. These are particularly for those from rural areas. The study revealed that seven in ten women prioritize comfort in their wardrobe choices, with half of them selecting items that boost their confidence. Additionally, two-thirds of respondents are motivated to shop for new outfits for special occasions or to replace worn-out clothes.

Crafting a Versatile and Inclusive Collection

Tan Ming Kit, Head of Marketing and Business Intelligence at Shopee, emphasized the versatility and inclusivity of the new collection. “In collaborating with M2Dream, DEEM Store, ZUCCA, Panda Eyes, KM Fashion Center, Stynis Traveller Luggage & Bags Store, Zoe Arissa, Tudung Exclusive, and ZEKE Store, we’ve crafted a collection. Women can recreate multiple, cohesive looks with a few simple treasured pieces,” he commented. The collection features modest attire that can be layered with edgy outerwear and accessories. This allows Malaysian women to express their individuality in comfort and style.

Key Looks for the Season

Shopee’s in-house stylists have curated three key looks for the season. All of these can be created using items from the GayaLitLit #ShopeeHaul collection:

  1. Sis Ranggi: Stand out with a turban-style tudung paired with smart casual pants or a skirt and jacket.
  2. Everyday Cantik: Achieve conservative chic with a monochrome oversized button-up shirt and pants, suitable for both workwear and weekend outings.
  3. Anggun Bergaya: Dress up a maxi dress with a shawl for an evening outift.

Affordable Fashion for All

Trusted celebrity influencers such as Sasha Abdul Aziz, Sherry Alhadad, and Bella Astillah will also be there to share their fashion tips. This is to help Muslimah women nationwide enhance their style for free.

Viewers can also participate in the styling game to win up to RM3000 in cash. The #ShopeeHaul collection, available now on Shopee, features prices ranging from RM1 to RM40. This collection, a first of its kind for Muslimah fashion in Malaysia, underscores Shopee’s dedication to driving marketplace inclusion for SMEs. It also expands the choices for underserved buyers through technology.

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