Steve Madden 2024 Dragon Collection

In the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the fashion cosmos aligns as Steve Madden, the iconic footwear and accessories brand, unveils its highly anticipated “Dragon Collection” in celebration of the Chinese New Year 2024. This exclusive capsule collection promises to be a symbol of growth, vitality, and luck in the coming year.

A Fusion of Tradition and Modern Flair

BGlowing & Satellite
Poise & BMarvis

Inspired by the rich spirit of Chinese New Year, the Dragon Collection seamlessly integrates Steve Madden’s signature designs with bold hues of red and gold. The result? A dazzling array of limited-edition pieces that effortlessly blend traditional elements with contemporary style. This collection doesn’t just offer fashion; it’s a statement – a testament to the brand’s commitment to both heritage and innovation.

Iconic Designs Infused with Festive Spirit

Steve Madden
Steve Madden
Steve Madden

As you delve into this exclusive collection, you’ll encounter some of Steve Madden’s best-sellers adorned with Chinese New Year symbolism. The MAXILLA-R and POISE sneakers, CHAKRA sandals, and the iconic BGLOWING and BMARVIS crossbody bags – each piece tells a story of its own. Intricately designed, these items showcase the essence of the Dragon Zodiac while maintaining the brand’s distinct aesthetic.

Steve Madden
Steve Madden
Steve Madden

Elevate Your Style, Welcome the New Year

Maxilla-R & BGlowing
Poise & BMarvis

Every piece in the Dragon Collection is more than just an accessory; it’s a talisman of style, prosperity, and good fortune. Whether you’re stepping into the year with vibrant red hues or choosing the opulence of gold, Steve Madden ensures that each element encapsulates the essence of tradition with a modern flair. Elevate your fashion sense and stride confidently into the new year with this exquisite collection.

Limited-Edition Pieces: A Collector’s Dream

Chakra & Bendue

In the world of fashion, exclusivity reigns supreme. Act swiftly to secure your piece of the Dragon Collection, as these limited-edition items are destined to become coveted collector’s treasures. Available from January 15, 2024, at select Steve Madden stores and online, this collection is a celebration of heritage, fashion, and the unstoppable spirit of the dragon.

Find Your Dragon

Discover the Dragon Collection at the following locations:

  • Steve Madden Pavilion KL – Lot 4.20, Level 4
  • Steve Madden The Exchange TRX – CC29.0, Concourse Level
  • Steve Madden Mid Valley – G-013A, Ground Floor
  • Steve Madden 1 Utama – Lot 353, Ground Floor
  • Steve Madden IOI City Mall, Putrajaya – G-235, Ground Floor
  • Steve Madden Aman Central, Kedah – G-42, Ground Floor
  • Steve Madden Imago Shopping Mall KK Times Square, Sabah – G-58, Ground Floor

Stay Connected: Follow the Dragon’s Trail

For those who prefer a digital shopping experience, the Dragon Collection is just a click away. Check their official website and follow on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates, styling tips, and a front-row seat to the exclusive collection unveiling.

Text by Solehah Kok

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