SUPAMALA SzechuanHotpot Receives Halal Certification

Supamala Hotpot

SUPAMALA Hotpot proudly announces the recent acquisition of Halal Certification from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), marking a significant milestone in its commitment to providing Halal Hotpot options and services.

To celebrate this milestone SUPAMALA launched a special promotion this Ramadhan for buka puasa.

A Landmark Achievement in Halal Cuisine

With its Halal Certification ceremony hosted at the Sunway Pyramid outlet, SUPAMALA Hotpot secures a coveted place. It marks the first Halal-certified Szechuan hotpot establishment in the Malaysian Book of Records. This achievement underscores SUPAMALA’s dedication to maintaining a Halal-friendly dining atmosphere, ensuring utmost confidence for its cherished customers nationwide.

Distinguished Guests and Recognition

The grand launch was graced by distinguished guests including YB Dato’ Ramanan Ramakrishan and YB Dr Mohammad Fahmi Ngah. Witnessing this milestone highlights the importance of broadening Halal cuisine offerings to reflect the diverse tastes of Malaysian food enthusiasts.

Celebrity actress Farah Nabilah, Mr. Edwin Yeo, Yang Berhormat Dr. Mohammad Fahmi Ngah, Yang Berhormat Dato’ Ramanan Ramakrishan, Yang Berbahagia Datuk Azmi bin Hassan, Putera Azim Syafiq, celebrity actress Diana Danielle and digital creator Elecher Lee.

Hotpot Testimonials from Celebrities

Celebrity actresses Diana Danielle and Farah Nabilah, along with digital creator Elecher Lee, added to the celebratory mood of the occasion. Expressing their love for hotpot, Diana and Farah shared their sentiments. They emphasized the significance of SUPAMALA’s Halal Certification in enhancing the dining experience for families across Malaysia.

Celebrity actresses Farah Nabilah and Diana Danielle sharing their thoughts on hotpot.

Immersive Halal Culinary Experience

The official launch of SUPAMALA Hotpot in Malaysia featured a symbolic gong strike. YB Dato’ Ramanan Ramakrishan and YB Datuk’ Azmi bin Hassan conducted it, followed by traditional Malay dance performances and a Kung Fu Tea Ceremony. This immersive experience set the stage for guests to indulge in SUPAMALA’s delectable offerings firsthand.

Ramadan Hotpot Buffet Promotion

In celebration of Ramadan, SUPAMALA Hotpot will host a Ramadhan Buffet promotion from March 12 to April 12, 2024. With three enticing packages to choose from, guests can enjoy a diverse array of Halal-certified hotpot delicacies. Specially crafted to enhance the spirit of togetherness during Ramadhan.

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Text By Zaharah Roslan