Take Dad on a Trip to Singapore For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate your dad with an adventure through Singapore.

Unforgettable Father’s Day Adventures in Singapore

Planning a trip down to the Lion City? We’ve gathered some of the best activities around the city for you and your dad, from adventurous parks, museums, workshops, restaurants and more. Our guide will help you build a customised itinerary for you and Dad.

For the Daring Adventurous Dads

For those dads who thrive on adventure and love a good thrill, Singapore has an array of exhilarating activities that will get his heart racing and bring out the daredevil in him.

1. Mega Adventure

Kick off the day at Mega Adventure located on Sentosa Island host to Singapore’s main attractions. This is the place where the whole family can soar through the treetops on heart-pounding zip lines or tackle challenging obstacle courses.


This adventure park is more than just a playground. It’s a place where family bonds are strengthened through shared excitement and triumphs amidst breathtaking scenery. It’s the perfect start to a day filled with adrenaline and laughter.

Location: 10A Siloso Bch Walk, Singapore 099008

Price : 20SGD – 109SGD

Head to HyperDrive Singapore for some high-speed fun. The only Indoor Go-Kart Circuit in Singapore where dads can unleash their inner child. As he zooms down a neon-lit track, the wind in his hair and laughter echo around him. This go-karting experience is not just about racing, it’s about creating joyful memories with every twist and turn of the track. You can visit their official website, Instagram and facebook for latest updates.

3. SkyPark by AJ Hackett

For the ultimate thrill, take Dad to SkyPark by AJ Hackett. As Singapore’s only bungee jumping platform, this is the spot for dads who are not afraid to take a leap of faith. Whether he’s bungee jumping or taking on the Giant Swing, this experience promises to be a heart-stopping adventure that will be talked about for years to come.

Location: 30 Siloso Bch Walk, Sentosa Island, 30, Singapore 099011

For the Dads Who Just Wanna Chill

Not every dad is a thrill-seeker, and sometimes the best way to celebrate is by simply relaxing and enjoying some peaceful, quality time together.

1. Gardens By The Bay: Borealis


Transport Dad to the enchanting world of the Northern Lights at Gardens By The Bay’s Borealis installation. This mesmerizing fusion of light and sound offers a tranquil escape where dads can reconnect with nature and marvel at the beauty of the world around them. It’s a serene way to spend Father’s Day, making unforgettable memories under the shimmering glow of lights.

For the Dads Who Are Not Afraid to Get Real

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate is with a heartfelt conversation over drinks and good food. These spots offer the perfect setting for dads who appreciate authenticity and real connections.

1. Laut

Laut combines Southeast Asian flavours with inventive cocktails, offering a unique drinking experience that’s reflective of the season. It’s the ideal place for dads who enjoy a good drink and even better company.

2. Lion Brewery Co Taproom

Raise a toast to Dad at Lion Brewery Co Taproom, where he can unwind with a pint of the finest brews, savour hearty bites, and create lasting memories with loved ones. It’s the perfect spot to celebrate Father’s Day with a relaxed, convivial atmosphere.

3. Taylor Adam

For a truly unique experience, take Dad to Taylor Adam, a hidden bar behind a tailor shop. This speakeasy offers expertly crafted cocktails in a stylish, secretive setting, providing a perfect retreat for dads to unwind and enjoy the finer things in life.

Spots in Singapore for the Artistic Dads

If your dad loves to create and appreciates the art of handmade crafts, these activities offer a chance to bond over shared creativity.

1. Baremetal

Explore the art of metal craftsmanship at Baremetal, where you and Dad can mould something extraordinary together. This creative experience not only results in a beautiful, personalized piece but also forges memories that will last a lifetime.

2. Bynd Artisan

From bespoke journals to hand-stitched wallets, Bynd Artisan allows you to create custom gifts that resonate with Dad’s individuality and style. Whether it’s a monogrammed leather accessory or a custom-engraved notebook, these creations are heartfelt tokens of love and appreciation.

For the Dads Who Loves To Eat

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and Singapore’s culinary scene is the perfect place to indulge Dad’s taste buds with a feast fit for a king.

1. SLICED by Ah Hua Kelong

SLICED by Ah Hua Kelong

Treat Dad to a seafood extravaganza at SLICED by Ah Hua Kelong, where locally farmed fish and seafood are the stars of the menu. This hearty, flavorful dining experience is the perfect way to celebrate his refined taste and show him just how much he is appreciated.

2. Tribal

For dads who appreciate a bold, flavorful edge, Tribal offers wood-fired cooking combined with authentic Asian flavours. Every meal here is a culinary adventure, perfect for a Father’s Day celebration that’s both hearty and refined.

3. Gourmet Park Kampong Bugis

Head to Gourmet Park Kampong Bugis for a fest of Dad’s favourite comfort foods, from homemade brownies to jalapeño sausages and Neapolitan pizza. The newly opened Gourmet Park is perfect for a relaxed, fun-filled dining experience that will satisfy his big appetite.

As Father’s Day draws to a close, it’s the shared moments of laughter, discovery, and genuine connection that will make the day truly unforgettable. Singapore may be the destination but the real journey lies in the precious moments spent together. Here’s to celebrating the dads who make our world a brighter place!

Happy Father’s Day!

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