Under Armour Celebrates Female Athletes

Under Armour

Under Armour champions gender equality, amplifying the achievements and resilience of women in sports amidst a male-dominated arena. On this International Women’s Day, the renowned athletic brand proudly unveils its latest triumph – a special limited edition UA Women collection, a testament to its unwavering commitment to championing female athletes.

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Inspiration from the Pros: Kelsey Plum and Diamond Miller Speak Out

Under Armour’s UA Women collection, in collaboration with WNBA stars, celebrates resilience, empowerment, and sleek designs for female athletes. As beacons of strength and inspiration, Kelsey Plum and Diamond Miller share their journeys of overcoming obstacles and breaking barriers in the world of sports. Plum, a 2x WNBA champ, highlights mentorship; Miller, a Lynx forward, advocates self-confidence and self-improvement for athletic success.

Leadership at the Forefront: Stephanie Linnartz’s Vision

At the helm of Under Armour’s mission to elevate women in sports stands Stephanie Linnartz, the trailblazing President and CEO. With a steadfast commitment to fostering equal opportunity and empowerment, Linnartz paves the way for women in the sports apparel industry. Her vision sets the stage for a future where women’s sports command the respect and recognition they deserve.

Join the Movement: Upgrade Your Gear with UA Women Collection

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Under Armour invites you to join the movement by embracing the spirit of empowerment and resilience. Elevate your wardrobe with the latest UA Women collection, available at all Under Armour Brand Houses and online. Experience strength and grace with UA Meridian Rib Crop Tank and UA Dynamic IntelliKnit International Women’s Day Training Shoes.

Text by Joe Jerimi

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