W Macau – Studio City: A Feast for the Senses

In the heart of Macau’s bustling Cotai skyline, a new player has emerged, bringing a fresh wave of contemporary luxury and gastronomic innovation. The recently opened W Macau – Studio City is not just a hotel, it’s a sensory journey that tantalizes taste buds and elevates the dining experience to an art form.

The Stage: Beverage and Food Concepts

Living Room Bar Day

A step into W Macau – Studio City, it’s evident that this is not an average hotel. The first floor boasts the Living Room, a vibrant coffee and cocktail bar, setting the tone for the unfolding social space. On the second floor, Hawker Hawker offers an international culinary journey, blending worldwide comfort foods with local Macanese flavours. However, the gems are DIVA, a speciality restaurant, and Blind Tiger, a destination bar, perched on the 40th floor with Cotai skyline views.

DIVA: Where Culinary Art Meets Cinematic Charm

Breathtaking Art Deco Setting of the W Macau – Studio City’s restaurant, DIVA

DIVA, the hotel’s speciality restaurant, is more than just a dining venue. It is a celebration of contemporary Cantonese cuisine. Inspired by silver screen divas, DIVA’s bold and intricate interior design creates an immersive ambiance. The halo layout in the design pays homage to China’s mythical creature, symbolizing imperial power and a pioneering spirit.

Immersive Dining Experience

DIVA is not just about what’s on the plate; it’s about the entire experience. Comprising a main dining area and three private dining rooms, every dish is as photogenic as it is delectable. One of the private rooms even offers a front-row seat to the kitchen, letting diners witness culinary mastery in action. With playlists curated by Murphy Kin, DIVA transcends dining boundaries for a sensory-engaging experience.

Chef Yap: A Maestro in the Kitchen

Chef Yap Kim Leong

At the helm of DIVA’s culinary brilliance is Executive Chinese Chef Yap Kim Leong, a master of reinventing traditional dishes. With 21 years of experience in Cantonese cuisine, Chef Yap brings a unique blend of authenticity and innovation to the table. His menu not only showcases the rich spice trade heritage of Macau but incorporates fresh, seasonal ingredients from the local market as well.

Signature Dishes: A Symphony of Flavors

Stir-fried Boston Lobster in Spicy Chili

DIVA’s menu, available for lunch and dinner, features classics with a contemporary twist. From Stir-fried Boston Lobster in Spicy Chili with Scallion Pancakes to Marinated Babylon Shells in Wasabi Sauce, each dish is a testament to Chef Yap’s dedication to culinary artistry. The Crispy Fried Pigeon, perfected over six months, is a must-try, showcasing Chef Yap’s commitment to delivering a perfect balance of crispiness and tenderness.

Crispy Fried Pigeon

Crab Delicacies: A Seasonal Extravaganza

Seasonal Crab Delicacies

This November, DIVA launches ‘Seasonal Crab Delicacies’ — a feast featuring an array of fresh, varied dishes celebrating exceptional seafood. Traditional steamed hairy crab to chilled versions with 20th-year Chinese wine — each highlights crab delicacy, promising an unmatched dining experience.

For Reservations and Beyond

Opening Hours: 12PM to 3PM & 6PM to 10:30PM ( Open everyday)

For Reservations: call +853 88651366 or email B&F.Reservations.Macau@whotels.com

For more information, visit their Website or get in touch with them on Facebook and Instagram.

Text by Solehah Kok

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