#ZALORAYA2024: Modest Wear Trends for Your Hari Raya Outfit

Zaloraya 2024

With the arrival of the vibrant Hari Raya season, fashion enthusiasts across Southeast Asia eagerly anticipate the unveiling of ZALORA’s highly anticipated #ZALORAYA2024 campaign. As the region’s go-to fashion website, ZALORA, a part of the Global Fashion Group (GFG), sets the stage for a celebration of culture and style, spotlighting the growing prominence of modest wear in the region.

The Diversity of #ZALORAYA 2024 Collections

This year, #ZALORAYA2024 collections boast an array of quality, trendy, and affordable pieces from 19 renowned brands, including ZALORA’s private labels, ZALIA and LUBNA. But what truly steals the spotlight are the debut appearances by Indonesian labels Ria Atelier and Embara, along with Malaysian label FM by Fuzana Mokhtaza. Additionally, exclusive pieces from Malaysian designers, Neelofa and Tom Abang Saufi, add an extra touch to the excitement.

FM by Fuzana Mokhtaza

The Heartwarming #ZALORAYA2024 Campaign

The launch of the ZALORAYA 2024 campaign is accompanied by a heartwarming campaign film that weaves a tale of love, sisterhood, and family. It’s a poignant reminder of the enduring traditions that bind us together, as two sisters discover the true essence of cultural connection and familial ties through matching outfits and shared memories.

Celebrating Culture and Style Across the Region

The excitement doesn’t stop with the fashion collections. From Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta, ZALORAYA’s regional-wide campaign offers an immersive experience for fashionistas. With exclusive fashion showcases, pop-up stores and hijab styling sessions, the celebration of culture and style knows no bounds.

#ZALORAYA2024 Malaysia

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#ZALORAYA2024 Indonesia

ZALORA’s Commitment to Modest Wear Fuels Growth

ZALORA, leading in modest wear in Southeast Asia, anticipates a 14% growth in its men’s and a 7% percent growth in its women’s modest wear lines this year, driven by a younger demographic valuing both faith and fashion. Globally, the modest wear industry is projected to reach $311 billion in 2024, emphasizing its significance in the region despite prevailing macroeconomic conditions and subdued consumer spending.

Tradition Meets Trend in ZALORAYA 2024 Collections

Drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of cultures, ZALORA’s ZALIA label for ZALORAYA 2024 unveils a collection that infuses Renaissance aesthetics with traditional Eastern silhouettes. Meanwhile, paying homage to Malaysia’s heritage, the ZALIA Basics collection intricately weaves embroidery and batik-inspired illustrations into its designs. Tailored specifically for Indonesian fashion enthusiasts, a curated ZALIA capsule collection embraces pastel hues and boxier cuts, perfectly suited for the festive season of Lebaran. On the other hand, LUBNA pieces epitomise femininity and new beginnings, adorned with textured lace, intricate embroidery, and custom prints, making a striking statement for women navigating various facets of life.

LUBNA Collections by Zalora

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  • #ZALORAYA2024
  • #ZALORAYA2024

ZALORA’s Commitment to Eco-Conscious Fashion

ZALORA’s dedication to sustainability shines through in this year’s collections. With nearly 20 percent of modest wear pieces this season incorporating environmentally friendly materials — such as linen and rayon as well as recycled chiffon, satin and polyester. Every piece tells a story of conscious consumerism.

Redefining Customer Journeys in Diverse Region

Behind the scenes, ZALORA is redefining the customer journey with seamless and sustainable practices. From its regional e-fulfillment hub in Malaysia to eco-friendly last-mile delivery options, ZALORA ensures every step of the shopping experience is both effortless and environmentally conscious.

In paving the way for a greener and more stylish future, ZALORA sets the stage for a celebration of culture, style, and sustainability with ZALORAYA 2024. So, whether you’re embracing tradition or chasing the latest trends, let ZALORA be your guide to festive modest wear this season.

Text By Solehah Kok

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