4 Restaurants in Singapore Named Among The Best in The World

Singapore's Top Restaurants W50BR

The annual World’s 50 Best Restaurants (W50BR) 2024 list was revealed on June 5, in the dazzling city of Las Vegas. One of Singapore’s top restaurants, Odette proudly claimed the #24 spot on the W50BR list, reaffirming Singapore’s top vibrant culinary scene.

Odette: A Symphony of Modern French Elegance

Odette, a modern French restaurant, is the brainchild of Chef Julien Royer. Founded in 2015, Odette has become synonymous with culinary excellence. Chef Julien characterizes his restaurant by his unwavering commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients. Hailing from a family of farmers, Chef Julien understands the value of quality produce. He meticulously selects ingredients from artisanal producers in both Asia and Europe. This dedication to purity and flavour has earned Odette its well-deserved place at #24 in the top 50 list.

Odette, Singapore. #24

Burnt Ends: Modern Australian Barbecue

Securing the #68 spot, Burnt Ends has become a beloved destination for barbecue enthusiasts. This modern barbecue restaurant in Dempsey Hill showcases innovative Australian barbecue. It also features an impressive selection of boutique wines and spirits. Despite a slight drop from #65 in 2023, Burnt Ends continues to charm diners with its fun, relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant now boasts multiple concepts under one roof, including a bakery, wine cellar, cocktail bar, and main restaurant. The restaurant added a new private dining room to enhance the dining experience.

Burnt Ends
Burnt Ends, Singapore #68