Oatside Pocket Festival


Get ready to infuse your daily grind with a splash of style and convenience. Oatside, the trusted brand for oat milk is now shrinking its 1Litre oat milk range, into something you can slip into your pocket. Introducing the Oatside Pocket Pack series—portable 200ml packs of your favourite Barista Blend & Chocolate, and the chic new entrant, Coffee.

A Toast to Health and Flavor

The Malaysian palate is about to get a wake-up call that’s both health-conscious and great in taste. “Our oat milks are low in sugar but rich in flavour, a perfect blend for those who’ve never found plant milks palatable,” says Benedict Lim, CEO of Oatside, with a wink to the brand’s mission. The launch of these trendsetting Pocket Packs, especially the Oat Latte, is Oatside’s latest love letter to Malaysia’s stylish sippers.

A Festival of Flavors at Starhill Gallery

Mark your calendars from March 8th to 10th for the Oatside Pocket Festival, set to take over Starhill Gallery with a variety of activities. Immerse yourself in an oasis of flavours where Oatside turns every nook into a celebration of its latest offerings, against the backdrop of colourful, insta-worthy scenes.

Oatside Pocket Festival

Activities at the Oatside Pocket Festival

Don’t miss out on all the fun at the festival!

Oatside Pocket Festival

Sip, Snap, and Share in the Pocket Eden

Need to unplug? Drift into Pocket Eden, a serene space inspired by nature. Here, you can recharge your spirits with an Oatside-infused beverage from the Pocket Café or try your hand at the ‘Pocket Full of Packs’ challenge in the Playland.

Indulge in Local Creativity at the Oatside Market

Indulge in an exciting lineup of local creators at the Oatside Market curated by Ping Min Market, each infusing the spirit of Oatside into their offerings. From tantalising food to handcrafted artisan goods, there’s something for everyone.

Win Big with Oatside Games

Feeling lucky? Dive into ‘Dunk The Oat’ or ‘Count the Pocket Packs’ for a chance to win a 3-month supply of OATSIDE. The fun continues online with live counting sessions, so keep your eyes peeled and your fingers ready.

Join in the fun at Oatside Pocket Festival

As Oatside continues to redefine the way we experience flavours, the Pocket Pack Series and the Oatside Pocket Festival mark the beginning of an exciting chapter. The Oatside Pocket Festival is open to the public from 8 – 10 March 2024, 10 am – 10 pm daily. Follow @oatside for the latest updates.

In addition Oatside Pocket Packs will be available across convenience stores like 7-Eleven, MyNews, CU, and more. Oatside will also be available at supermarkets including Village Grocer, QRA Foods, Food Merchant, Ben’s Independent Grocer.

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