Azarine Skincare Debuts in Malaysia


Glow On: Azarine Brings Indonesian Skincare Magic to Malaysia

Malaysian skincare enthusiasts have reason to celebrate as Azarine Cosmetic, a leading name in the Indonesian cosmetics and skincare industry, makes its grand entrance into the Malaysian market. Azarine is set to elevate the skincare game with its high-quality, natural ingredient-based products designed to address a variety of skin concerns.

A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

Ms Yuni (Second from right), Owner & Founder of Azarine Cosmetic officiating the launch of Azarine Cosmetic in Malaysia. Together at the launch are (from left) Ms Christina Chow, Director of Kara Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd; Ms Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia and Regional Exclusives Director; Mr Susanto, Director of Kara Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd; Ms Marcella Vanessa Tjahyanto, Marketing Director of Azarine Cosmetic; and Mr Tjahyanto, Owner & Founder of Azarine Cosmetic.

Founded in 2002, Azarine has built a strong reputation for combining nature’s best with modern scientific innovations. With a product range that spans cleansers, toners, serums, treatments, sunscreens, moisturizers, and brightening solutions. Azarine is dedicated to not only treating but also nourishing the skin for both immediate and long-term health benefits.

Marcella Vanessa Tjahyonto, Marketing Director of Azarine Cosmetic, emphasized the brand’s commitment to offering essential yet affordable skincare solutions tailored to the diverse needs of Malaysians. With product prices ranging from RM 15 to RM 25, the brand aims to be the go-to skincare partner for Malaysians.

Tailored for Malaysian Skin

Marcella Vanessa Tjahyonto, Marketing Director of Azarine Cosmetic

“We’re incredibly excited to introduce Azarine to Malaysia and bring our premium skincare solutions to consumers here. As both Indonesians and Malaysians share similar skin types and concerns in generally the same climate, we are confident that Malaysians will benefit from Azarine’s products and be their lifetime skinmate,” said Marcella.

Recognized for its continuous scientific advancements and herbal-based products, Azarine believes in making good quality skincare accessible to all. “We want fellow Malaysians to have a lifelong skincare partner that they can rely on when they need a boost to their skin health,” added Marcella.

Combatting Sun Damage: The Sunscreen Series

Many Malaysians underestimate the serious impact of sun exposure on their skin, often resulting in wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, freckle-like spots, and rough skin texture. To address these concerns in Malaysia’s tropical climate, Azarine has introduced its latest product lines, including the Sunscreen Series and the Brightening Series.

With over 10,000,000 units sold globally, the Azarine Sunscreen Series is set to become a favorite among Malaysians seeking reliable sun protection. This series offers essential protection against harmful UV rays with its lightweight formula, ensuring adequate coverage for the face and neck when applied using the 2-finger rule. Formulated with maximum anti-blue light and high SPF, this series provides effective protection against sun damage while remaining non-comedogenic and free from any white cast.

Azarine: The Brightening Series

For those looking to brighten and even out their skin tone, the Brightening Series is the ideal solution. These products are designed to reduce pigmentation, enhance radiance, and provide a glowing complexion, making them perfect for daily use in Malaysia’s sunny climate.

Uncompromising Quality

Operating under stringent standardization protocols with ISO-certified manufacturing facilities, the brand ensures that its products adhere to the highest quality standards. This dedication to quality has earned them numerous prestigious awards, including the Shopee, Lazada & Tokopedia Beauty Awards, Female Daily Beauty Awards, Popbela Beauty Awards, and Watsons Awards.

“With continuous research and development aimed at upgrading our products, with hopes to deliver useful and convenient products for the modern lifestyle. We’ve strived to maintain this dedication, ensuring that our customers receive skincare of the highest standards without breaking the bank. The Azarine family looks forward to continuing this journey with Malaysian consumers, with the goal to be the ideal and affordable skin care solution for our customers,” said Marcella.

Where to Find Azarine

Azarine Cosmetic products are available at all Watsons stores in Malaysia and online at Karta Supermall. For more information and its range of skincare products, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

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