Descente Makes Southeast Asian Debut at The Exchange TRX


This new store marks a significant milestone in the brand’s history bringing its stylish sportswear to the heart of Southeast Asia.

A Legacy of Excellence

Founded in the 1930s with a primary focus on skiwear, Descente has evolved into a global icon renowned for its commitment to ‘functional beauty’. The brand’s name, derived from the French word for ‘downhill skiing’, and its signature arrow logo symbolize its dedication to the sport’s core techniques and unwavering pursuit of excellence. Over the decades, Descente has expanded its reach, crafting meticulously designed apparel for various sports including fitness, running, cycling, golf, and skiing.

Unveiling the Kuala Lumpur Store


The new Descente store in Kuala Lumpur is a haven for athletes and fashion-forward individuals alike. It offers a comprehensive range of collections, each showcasing exceptional quality and innovative design. Visitors can experience firsthand the meticulous craftsmanship and advanced technologies that define the brand. This store isn’t just a retail space, it exemplifies Descente’s dedication to excellence and commitment to delivering top-quality sportswear to a global audience.

Design That Moves

At the core of Descente’s philosophy is the mantra “Design that Moves”. This principle reflects Descente’s dedication to creating sportswear that enhances movement and performance. Descente designs every piece of apparel with advanced technology and innovative features. This ensures athletes can perform at their best while maintaining their style. Their products include Motion 3D fabric patterns, 4-way Stretch fabric, and Toray Dermizax elastic lamination, all engineered for optimal comfort and performance.

Innovative Technologies


Descente’s commitment to innovation is evident in its cutting-edge product technologies. The Motion 3D fabric patterns are designed to mirror the specific movements of the body, allowing for a full range of motion. The Infinite Movement technology integrates various advanced materials and techniques, providing athletes with superior mobility and comfort. These innovations are specifically tailored for key sports such as triathlon, golf and skiing to ensure that each product meets the rigorous demands of professional athletes.

A History of Champions


Throughout its 89-year history, Descente has been at the forefront of sportswear innovation and collaboration. The brand’s ‘Golden Suit’ helped Eric Heiden secure five gold medals at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. More recently, Descente outfitted elite teams at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. This included the Swiss National Alpine Ski Team and the German National Bobsleigh and Skeleton Team. The brand’s influence continues to grow through partnerships, such as with the Chinese National Snowboarding Halfpipe Team. Furthermore, global ambassador Xander Schauffele achieved a significant milestone by winning the 2024 PGA Championship while sporting Descente golf attire.

Join the Movement

As Descente makes its grand entrance into Southeast Asia, they invites athletes and sports enthusiasts to join its movement. The brand’s new store in Kuala Lumpur is a gateway to discovering the perfect blend of style, comfort and performance. For more information visit their Official website, Instagram and Facebook

Experience the future of sportswear with Descente where every piece is a celebration of athleticism, innovation, and style.

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