LG Rent-Up™ Redefines Home Living with Smart Solutions


LG Rent-Up™: Empowering Malaysians with Convenient and Flexible Home Appliance Solutions

LG Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd unveils a groundbreaking initiative with the launch of LG Rent-Up™, introducing Malaysia’s first comprehensive home appliance rental service. This innovative programme redefines the home appliance landscape. It offers Malaysians unprecedented flexibility and affordability in enhancing their living spaces with the latest LG’s smart home appliances.

Elevating Home Living with LG Rent-Up™

LG Rent-Up™ eliminates the traditional barriers associated with home appliance ownership. For instance, upfront costs and concerns about appliance obsolescence. Malaysians now have the opportunity to upgrade their homes with ease and financial stability. LG offers a wide range of home appliances across nine distinct product categories. Among them are water purifiers, air purifiers, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and TVs. This programme offers a minimum rental period of 5 years up to a maximum of 7 years, depending on the selected products.

LG Rent-Up™: A Vision of Convenience

Justin Choi, Managing Director of LG Malaysia, expresses excitement about introducing LG Rent-Up™ to Malaysian consumers. He emphasizes LG’s commitment to revolutionising the rental experience by providing innovative products and services without the burden of hefty upfront payments. The programme aims to empower Malaysians to embrace upgraded living standards effortlessly.

Comprehensive Service Package

The programme also ensures access to high-quality smart home appliances with a comprehensive service package. This includes self-service options, regular visits from LG technicians, and seamless integration with the LG ThinQ app for effortless monitoring of product status. With expert consultation, free delivery, installation services and dedicated customer support, LG ensures a hassle-free experience throughout the rental period.

Seamless Upgrades

One of the standout features of this programme is its seamless upgrade option. At the end of the rental term, consumers have the opportunity to transition to newer LG home appliances. This helps to enhance customer satisfaction and allows access to the latest technological advancements.

Embracing a Smarter Lifestyle

Justin emphasizes LG’s commitment to providing an effortless and seamless experience. This sets LG Rent-Up™ apart as the sole provider offering a diverse range of product lines under its rental programme. With LG Rent-Up™, Malaysians are encouraged to embrace a smarter and upgraded way of living.

Available Nationwide

LG Rent-Up™ is now available nationwide in Malaysia. For more information, visit LG Brandshops nationwide or access LG’s official website. Stay updated with the latest news and promotions by following LG’s official Facebook page.

LG Rent-Up™

LG Rent-Up™ represents a paradigm shift in home appliance ownership. It offers Malaysians accessibility, convenience and flexibility in upgrading their living spaces. With LG’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, LG Rent-Up™ heralds a new era of smart living in Malaysia.

By Nur Maisarah Putri

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