Unleash Your Potential with Oakley’s Latest Eyewear Innovation


In the realm of sports eyewear, Oakley stands as an unrivaled force, constantly pushing boundaries and redefining excellence. With their latest releases, Sphaera™ and BiSphaera™, the brand once again proves its commitment to innovation, style, and performance. Let’s delve into what makes these eyewear pieces a game-changer for athletes worldwide.

Sphaera™: A Symbol of Evolution

Representing a fusion of Oakley’s rich history and cutting-edge technology, Sphaera™ embodies the brand’s relentless pursuit of excellence. Designed with input from top athletes, this eyewear epitomizes Oakley’s ethos of continuous improvement. Crafted for champions, by champions, Sphaera™ boasts an extended field of view, providing athletes with unparalleled clarity and vision.

Unleashing Potential: The Team Oakley Connection

At the heart of Sphaera™ lies a collaboration with Team Oakley athletes, including luminaries like Fred Kerley, Loana Lecomte, and Mark Cavendish. Their insights and experiences have shaped every aspect of these frames, ensuring they meet the demands of elite competition. Fred Kerley, American track & field sensation, attests to the seamless integration of style and functionality: “Oakley gets what real athletes need, and with Sphaera™, I’ll be at the top of my game this Summer.”

Performance Features: Beyond Expectations

Beyond its sleek design, Sphaera™ delivers on performance. With Prizm™ Lens Technology enhancing visibility, lightweight O-Matter™ frame for comfort, and Unobtainium® nose pads for a secure fit, these glasses redefine what athletes can expect from their eyewear. French cross-country/mountain bike star Loana Lecomte praises Sphaera’s wide lens, emphasizing its role in maintaining confidence and composure during intense competition.

BiSphaera™: Versatility Redefined

Complementing the Sphaera™ is BiSphaera™, a versatile companion tailored for both sport and everyday life. With a design reminiscent of the popular Flak® 2.0 XL, BiSphaera™ seamlessly transitions from athletic endeavors to daily adventures. Offering the choice of Prizm™ Lens Technology or Oakley Authentic Prescription lens options, these sunglasses epitomize adaptability without compromising on style or performance.

Where to Find Them

Excited to get your hands on these groundbreaking eyewear pieces? Look no further than Oakley.com and select optical partner stores worldwide. Whether you’re hitting the track, pavement, field, or course, Sphaera™ and BiSphaera™ promise to elevate your performance and style to new heights.

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