Elegance Illuminated: Piaget’s Gala Dinner in Bangkok


Piaget, the esteemed Swiss watchmaker and jeweller, recently played host to an unforgettable night at the historic Nai Lert Park. The occasion? A dazzling gala dinner to mark the unveiling of Piaget’s extraordinary exhibition, a showcase of over 120 creations, including treasures from the private collection of the brand’s patrimony.

The Radiant Setting: Nai Lert Park

Set against the backdrop of Thailand’s monumental heritage site, Nai Lert Park, Piaget’s exhibition was a symphony of radiant decorative elements. Each piece accentuated the brand’s stylistic codes, emphasising the Piaget spirit—the Joyful Highlife. The iconic figure of eight, symbolizing eternity, danced through the creations, forming a thread that wove elegance and timelessness.

Celebrities in Piaget: A Symphony of Elegance

The gala was graced by a constellation of stars, including Hwang In Youp from South Korea, Apo Nattawin, Sririta Jensen from Thailand, Scha Alyahya from Malaysia, and Velove from Indonesia. Dressed in Piaget High Jewellery, these celebrities added a touch of glamour to an already enchanting evening.

Hwang In Youp: A Dance of Diamonds and Gold


Hwang In Youp graced the occasion adorned with an Altiplano Tourbillon High Jewellery watch in white gold and diamonds. The tourbillon carriage and off-centred hour-minute counter formed the signature figure of eight, symbolizing eternity. Complementing the watch were Exalting Dance earrings, cleverly worn as a brooch, showcasing the transformative and versatile nature of Piaget’s creations.

Apo Nattawin: Symmetry and Asymmetry in Perfect Harmony

Apo Nattawin donned the Generous Laces Necklace, a daringly asymmetrical piece, highlighting Piaget’s signature Haute-Couture details. On his wrist, the Altiplano Precious Skeleton High Jewellery watch, a masterpiece of thinness and intricate craftsmanship. The watch’s movement, adorned with diamonds and sapphires, spoke volumes about Piaget’s mastery.


Sririta Jensen: Aurora-Inspired Elegance

Sririta Jensen donned the Voluptuous Borealis Necklace, inspired by the aurora borealis lights. The deep green of the emerald mirrored the joyful colour flashes painting the sky. Her wrist is adorned with an opal watch, a testament to Piaget’s artistry in interlacing shapes of precious diamonds.


Scha Alyahya: Cocktails and Crystals


Scha Alyahya adorned the Shimmering Savor necklace and earrings, inspired by the joy of Piaget society. The unique sparkle of square-cut diamonds, both brilliant and square, reflected light like crystal glasses. The ensemble captured the essence of shared joy and delightful moments.

Velove Vexia: Starry Nights in Piaget Creations

Velove Vexia embraced the stylistic codes of Piaget with a set of pink and marquise-cut creations. The marquise cuts, reminiscent of stars in the night sky, painted a picture of elegance against the darkness.

The Grand Unveiling: Piaget Enduring Legacy

The night at Nai Lert Park was not just a celebration of high jewellery; it was a testament to Piaget’s enduring legacy. Each piece, a chapter in the brand’s history, spoke of precision, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to elegance.

Written by Joe Jerimi

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