Eartheories: Redefining Aroma-care in Malaysia and Beyond


It’s not every day that a homegrown brand shines as brightly as Eartheories. This Malaysian-born aroma-care brand has earned prestigious accolades in 2023, capturing hearts worldwide for its dedication to artisanal aromatherapy craftsmanship.

Roots and Innovation

Personal Care Kit

Since its inception in 2020, Eartheories has embarked on a journey to redefine the standards of aroma-care. With an steadfast commitment to artisanal craftsmanship, the brand meticulously crafts each product with locally-sourced ingredients, honoring Malaysia’s agricultural heritage. From the best-selling grapefruit lemongrass to the exotic kaffir lime essential oils, the brand prides itself on offering conventional and uniquely Malaysian scents. What sets them apart is their commitment to supporting local farmers and fostering sustainable ecosystems through their “agri-sanal” approach.

Lemon Grass Essential Oil
Bergamot Essential Oil
Geranium Essential Oil

The Essence of Quality and Sustainability

At the heart of Eartheories, lies a profound respect for nature and a dedication to sustainability. Founder and CEO, Fadz Subari, envisioned a brand celebrating the beauty of Malaysian botanicals while nurturing the communities behind them. Through their innovative “agri-sanal” approach, Eartheories fosters a symbiotic relationship. It bridges agriculture and artisanal production, ensuring a harmonious ecosystem that benefits both farmers and consumers alike.

The mission to deliver high-quality aroma-care products while upholding the highest environmental, social, and governance standards was also emphasized by Fadz Subari. Their strategic partnerships with Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), the Agriculture Department of Malaysia, and University Malaya’s Center for Natural Products and Drugs Research (CENAR) underscore their dedication to sustainability and innovation.

A Vision For The Future

Looking ahead, Eartheories aims to showcase Malaysia’s natural resources on a global stage, collaborating with international brands to create world-class products that reflect their roots. As consumers increasingly prioritize wellness and sustainability, Eartheories stands poised to lead the charge in redefining aromatherapy excellence.

For those eager to embark on a fragrant journey infused with Malaysian heritage, visit Eartheories or follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and offerings.

Text by Solehah Kok

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