Hydrate and Shine: 3 Lip Oils We Love

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As we embrace the serenity of Ramadhan, our beauty routine transforms. We love to seek for products that does nourish, hydrate and shine. Lip oils have emerged as a staple for 2024, providing a soothing solution for parched lips and much-needed hydration during the fasting month.

Numerous lip oil brands have caught our eyes, in our quest to maintain soft and supple lips. Join us in discovering https://thehighlightermy.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/batch_iQIYI-partners-GrabFood-Malaysia-to-launch-first-ever-branded-variety-show-5-Star-Hunter-Bersama-GrabFood-1.jpg’s top 3 lip oils we love, ensuring your lips stay moisturized and radiant throughout Ramadhan.

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1. Dior Lip Glow Oil: Luxury in a Bottle

Pampering your lips with Dior’s lip oil is akin to immersing yourself in luxury. This product’s power lies in its blend of cherry oil, vitamins A and E, and linoleic acid, providing ample moisture to the lips. What sets it apart is its enchanting scent, adding a luxurious touch to your daily pout.

Additionally, Dior’s lip oil gives a natural pink tint making your lips look effortlessly gorgeous. Priced at RM175, the lip oil is available in shades of pink, coral, raspberry, and cherry.

2. Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil: Au Natural

Rare Beauty’s lip oil has surpassed expectations with its non-sticky formula. Formulated with natural ingredients like jojoba oil, glycerin, and sunflower seed oil, Which are rich in fatty acids and linoleic acid. The lip oil helps to repair dry lips. Its luxurious texture provides colour in just one application. Taking inspiration from Rare Beauty’s beloved blush products, it’s no surprise that this lip oil is in high demand.

Rare Beauty offers eight exquisite shades, catering to various aesthetic preferences. Priced at RM100, these lip oils are available in shades like Affection, Delight, Happy, Honesty, Hope, Joy, Serenity, and Wonder.

3. Fenty Skin Cherry Treat Conditioning & Strengthening Lip Oil

Rihanna’s famous cosmetics line, Fenty, presents the FENTY Skin Cherry Treat Conditioning & Strengthening Lip Oil, garnering praise from beauty aficionados. Beyond providing hydration, it also offers protection from UV rays.

This Fenty offering demonstrates that lip oils are now an essential part of everyday beauty rituals, particularly for individuals in search of comprehensive lip care. Priced at RM130, it is available without tint, hence, no shades are offered.

Lip Care 101

In 2024, lip oils have become and essential addition to global beauty routines. From Dior’s luxurious lip oils to Rare Beauty’s natural tints, lip oils cater to diverse preferences, ensuring everyone finds their perfect match. Make sure to keep our lips pampered, hydrated, and beautiful.

Text By Zaharah Roslan

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