Your Ultimate Netflix Guide: March 2024

Netflix March 2024

This March 2024, Netflix brings an array of captivating premieres promising to thrill and excite audiences worldwide. From heart-wrenching dramas to light-hearted comedies, there’s something for everyone on Netflix this month.

Exciting Premieres Await

My Name Is Loh Kiwan – Premiering 1st March 2024

Embark on an emotional journey with Loh Kiwan as he navigates the complexities of seeking refuge in a foreign land. This poignant tale sheds light on the resilience of the human spirit and the power of compassion. Watch the trailer here.

The Gentlemen – Premiering 7th March 2024

Join aristocrat Eddie as he embarks on a wild adventure to reclaim his family estate, uncovering unexpected secrets along the way. With twists and turns at every corner, this exhilarating ride is not to be missed.

Queen of Tears – Premiering 9th March 2024

Experience the magic of love’s redemption as the queen of department stores and the prince of supermarkets embark on a heartfelt journey of reconciliation. This enchanting tale reminds us that love conquers all.

Chicken Nugget – Premiering 15th March 2024

Prepare for a whimsical adventure as a woman finds herself transformed into an unlikely hero in this quirky comedy. With laughter and heartwarming moments abound, this is one nugget of joy you won’t want to miss.

Physical 100: Season 2 – Premiering 19th March 2024

Get ready for the ultimate fitness showdown as contestants vie for the coveted title of the fittest of them all. With adrenaline-pumping challenges and fierce competition, this season promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

3 Body Problem – Premiering 21st March 2024

Embark on a thrilling journey of scientific discovery as five friends unravel the mysteries of the universe. With mind-bending twists and turns, this gripping series will keep you on the edge of your seat.

3 Body Problem. Jess Hong as Jin Cheng in episode 101 of 3 Body Problem. Cr. Ed Miller/Netflix © 2024

Hollywood Comes Home

Indulge in a cinematic feast with a lineup of Hollywood blockbusters and acclaimed films making their way to your screens this month. From action-packed adventures to heartwarming dramas, there’s no shortage of entertainment in store.

Spaceman – Premiering 1st March 2024

Join forces with a fearless astronaut as he embarks on a mission to save humanity from an intergalactic threat. With stunning visuals and edge-of-your-seat suspense, this epic adventure will leave you breathless.

Damsel – Premiering 8th March 2024

Journey to a world of enchantment as a daring heroine sets out to rescue her true love from the clutches of evil. With a captivating storyline and mesmerizing performances, this fairy tale romance is sure to captivate audiences of all ages.

Get Out – Premiering 16th March 2024

Prepare for a spine-tingling thrill ride as a young man uncovers dark secrets during a visit to his girlfriend’s family estate. With twists and turns aplenty, this gripping tale will keep you guessing until the very end.

Indulge Your Guilty Pleasures

Treat yourself to a binge-worthy selection of guilty pleasures, from addictive reality shows to mouth-watering cooking competitions. Whether you’re craving drama or comedy, there’s plenty to satisfy your every whim.

Somebody Feed Phil: Season 7 – Premiering 1st March March

Join Phil as he embarks on a culinary adventure around the globe, sampling delicious dishes and discovering hidden gems along the way. With laughter and heartwarming moments, this feel-good series is a feast for the senses.

Is It Cake?: Season 3 – Premiering 29th March 2024

Indulge your sweet tooth with a tantalizing array of cake creations that look almost too good to eat. With jaw-dropping designs and nail-biting suspense, this addictive series will leave you craving more.

Entertainment for the Whole Family

Gather the family for a movie night to remember with a selection of family-friendly titles guaranteed to delight viewers of all ages. From high-octane adventures to heartwarming tales, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Hot Wheels Let’s Race – Premiering 4th March 2023

Buckle up for a thrilling race to the finish line as a group of young racers rev up their engines and go head-to-head in a high-speed showdown. With pulse-pounding action and stunning visuals, this adrenaline-fueled adventure is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

March brings an exciting array of premieres and beloved classics to Netflix, promising endless hours of entertainment for audiences of all ages. Whether you’re in the mood for heart-wrenching dramas, laugh-out-loud comedies, or thrilling adventures, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and get ready for a month of binge-worthy entertainment on Netflix.

Text By Zaharah Roslan

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