Cool Down with Nespresso’s Limited-Edition Mediterranean Summer Flavors

Nespresso summer collection

Nespresso has introduced its Unforgettable Mediterranean Summer collection, promising to transport you to sun-drenched shores with every sip.

This new Nespresso summer collection features limited-edition iced coffee flavors and exquisitely designed accessories that capture the essence of a luxurious Mediterranean holiday. Inspired by destinations like the French Riviera, Greek Islands, and the Balkan Peninsula, Nespresso’s summer collection evokes the colors, scents, and tastes of a dream vacation.

The Art of Iced Coffee

Specially crafted to be enjoyed over ice, Nespresso’s new limited-edition flavors are perfect for the warm summer days. The Sunny Almond Vanilla Flavour Over Ice, designed for the Vertuo machine, offers a smooth, refreshing taste. It is reminiscent of a Mediterranean cruise. This light-roast blend of Arabicas comes in a collectable Habanero Gold packaging. It features the Pantone chip for an extra touch of sunshine.

For those with Original machines, the Coconut Flavour Over Ice adds an exotic twist to your summer days. The Tropical Coconut Flavour Over Ice for Vertuo machines also adds a unique touch. Complementing these limited editions are the seasonal favorites from Nespresso’s Barista Creations. These include Ice Leggero and Ice Forte for Vertuo machines, and Freddo Delicato and Freddo Intenso for Original machines. Each flavor promises a refreshing escape to Mediterranean locales with every sip.

Mediterranean Magic in Every Cup

Nespresso’s new collection isn’t just about flavor; it’s a visual and sensory experience. The Pantone Colour Institute collaborated with Nespresso to create a color palette inspired by iconic Mediterranean seaside towns. Featuring shades like Mandarin Orange, Habanero Gold, Muskmelon, Aquarelle, and Blue Lolite, the collection is visually appealing. It is also delicious.

Fresh and Flavorful Recipes

Capturing the essence of summer in a glass, Nespresso has introduced creative new recipes perfect for any time of day. The Golden Sunrise Delight combines honey and lemon zest for a sweet, refreshing treat. For a twist on traditional cold brew, the Seaside Cream Cold Brew blends Cold Brew Style Intense with caramel syrup, topped with shaken cream and a pinch of salt—a drink you’ll crave all summer long. These recipes, and more, are available on Nespresso’s website, ensuring you can enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean no matter where you are.

Stylish Summer Accessories

No summer collection would be complete without stylish accessories, and Nespresso has delivered with items that are both practical and beautiful. Limited-edition coffee machines and accessories in Pantone’s mood-boosting colors ensure your coffee experience matches your summer vibe. The limited-edition Pantone Vertuo Pop, available in a vibrant Mandarin Orange, is perfect for adding a splash of color to your kitchen. Only 300 machines are available in Malaysia, making this a must-have for coffee aficionados.

Nespresso also offers new limited-edition collectible accessories such as the Nespresso x Pantone Coffee Mug, Ice Lolly Molds, and Coasters, perfect for enjoying your favorite iced coffee. The Nomad Travel Mugs, Iced Coffee Nomad Tumblers, and Ice Cube Tray have also been given a fresh look with Pantone colors.

Launch Details

Available for a limited time and in restricted quantities, this collection is set to make your summer truly unforgettable. Don’t miss out on this chance to bring a piece of the Mediterranean into your home. For more information of the products, you can visit their website or hop on to their Instagram.